Why is Canon Printer Not Printing Properly? Complete Guide

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Many reasons can cause Canon printers to stop printing correctly. This guide from ours will help you with Canon Printer Not Printing Properly to fix the problem.

We understand how frustrating it is to attempt to print a document only to get an error message from your Canon printer.

Everything works as it should one day. One day everything works as it should. The next day you can’t even print one black-and-white document.

What could cause your Canon Printer Not Printing Properly?

Canon printers can be used for printing basic documents at home or for school. Canon printers can also print brochures and pictures. You paid for a new printer so it should be able to print photos and brochures.

There are many reasons your Canon printer might stop printing. We can all agree that the reason it won’t print is that it isn’t working correctly.

No matter which printer brand you use, you will encounter at least one issue during your printer’s lifetime.

Before we get into the details of how to fix your Canon printer, let’s first discuss common causes that your printer does not print.

There are many reasons why my Canon printer is not responding or working.

Empty paper tray

Most Canon printers will tell you if your paper is out of date. You’ll see a blinking light, or an error message, indicating that you are out of paper. This issue can be easily fixed by adding more paper to the printer.

Might be the Empty ink cartridges

An empty ink cartridge can be defined as a printer that has less than 5% ink. Empty ink cartridges can prevent your Canon printer from printing documents correctly.

Paper Jam

Paper jams can be a problem for your printer’s system. If your printer is jammed, you won’t be capable of printing or copying any documents. Your printer can show a paper jam error even if it is made of very small or insignificant debris.

Wireless Issue

Wireless Printers. Wireless printers can experience connection issues with either your computer or your wireless network (WiFi). Your printer will not print documents if it isn’t connected to your wireless router.

Ink Cartridge Errors

Canon printers can stop working if there is an error in one of the ink cartridges. Ink cartridge problems are not easy to fix. Visit How To Change Printer Ink Canon to make sure you follow the right way of changing ink.

Corrupted Printer Driver

The Canon printer driver acts as a bridge between your printer’s device and your computer. It works in the same way as a wireless connection but is installed on your computer. Your printer’s printer driver will tell it what documents to print and how. The corrupted driver of your printer will stop your Canon printer from printing documents correctly.

How to fix Canon Printer Not Printing Properly

Many online resources can help you fix your Canon printer. If your Canon printer isn’t printing black ink. A printer paper jam error may have occurred. You might also have an offline printer issue.

Canon support is not required to repair your printer.

Our Printer Not Printing team also has solutions to almost all printer issues. As a guide, you can refer to our Printer Issues Resource Page.

Let’s now get started with our Canon printer fix.

Basic Canon Printer Checkup

All printer owners are advised to perform a basic printer inspection before proceeding with any troubleshooting.

This is our step-by-step guide to how to check your Canon printer.

  • Turn on your Canon printer.
  • You should check the display screen for error messages and ensure that all buttons work properly.
  • Place a document on the scanner glass.
  • To duplicate your document, click the copy button

If you can successfully copy a document, you can then proceed to the basic troubleshooting steps. If you don’t, you may have a bigger problem and should proceed to the advanced troubleshooting steps.

Advanced Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Your Canon Printer Not Printing Properly

The advanced troubleshooting steps below will examine your printer software to ensure that the problem with your Canon printer is not caused by a corrupted driver or a wireless connection.

Fixing Canon Printer Driver On Your Computer

A corrupt printer driver could be the reason your Canon printer isn’t printing correctly.

For security reasons, printer drivers must be current. Out-of-date Canon printer drivers can cause printer problems. To make things easier, you can enable automatic updates to your printer driver. If you cannot print from your computer or laptop to the printer, you will know that your printer driver is not working properly.

If your printer driver is corrupted, you won’t be able to choose between black ink printing or colored document printing.

You must first uninstall your previous printer driver before you can fix the Canon printer driver.

For uninstalling the printer driver you need to go to your control panel.

After the printer has been removed, you will need to download and install the driver for your printer from Canon’s website.

You can download it once you have it installed. Then, print a document to see if the issue with your Canon printer is printing slowly.

Wireless Canon Printer Issues Fixed

You may need to test your wireless connection between your Canon printer’s WiFi router and the wireless Canon printer if it isn’t printing. Look for the wireless icon on your printer’s screen. It appears to be a radio antenna or a wireless signal.

Once you have found it, set up your wireless connection. Select your WiFi network name, and then enter your WiFi password. After the connection has been established, you will be able to print again. You can find our detailed guide to fixing any wireless printer connection problem here. If none of the above steps work, you might need to perform a partial reset on your Canon printer to get it working again.

Your printer will be reset back to its original settings by performing a partial reset or a reset to factory defaults. It’s almost like you’re getting a new printer.

Resetting your Canon printer back to factory settings should make it work again. There are many Canon printers. You may need to refer to the product manual to learn how to reset your Canon printer.

If you do not have the printer manual, you can download the Canon User Manual from Canon Library.

Canon Printer Maintenance Tips

These steps should have helped you fix the Canon Printer Not Printing Properly issues. We can now move on. These are the basics of maintaining your Canon printer’s working condition to prevent printer problems from recurring.

Only use genuine ink cartridges

Use compatible paper with your Canon printer

To prevent dust, debris, or other small particles, get a cover for your printer.

Your printer should be used at least once per week. To prevent ink drying, avoid using your printer for a prolonged time.

To prevent damage to the printer’s printhead, it is important to immediately replace empty ink cartridges.

When you use your printer, connect it directly to a wall outlet.


How do you clean Canon printers?

You should have a schedule that you can follow for cleaning your Canon printer. Your daily schedule is the time you use your printer. You should make sure that it is properly maintained and covered with a cover. A simple check on your weekly maintenance schedule is to make sure your printer has enough paper in the paper tray and that your cartridges contain sufficient ink.

You can check your printer’s monthly maintenance schedule for paper jams and dust buildup.

Why is my Canon printer not working?

Your WiFi router may have assigned your Canon printer an IP address. This could explain why your Canon printer is suddenly disconnected from your WiFi router. An IP address refers to a unique number assigned to each device that is connected to your WiFi network.

Your printer may be assigned a new IP address if your router encounters an error or restarts. Your WiFi router cannot alter the IP address of your printer. This issue can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver to establish a new connection between your computer and the printer.

Why is my Canon printer not printing the document?

If your printer’s driver or wireless connection is not working properly, print jobs could get stuck in your printer queue. To resolve this issue, you can follow the troubleshooting steps that we have provided.

These may not work. You can go to Devices and Printers and search for your printer icon and name. Right-click the printer icon and choose “See what’s printed”. This will open a new window that displays all print jobs in the printer queue. Select “Printer” from the top-right.

You can cancel all documents This will cancel all pending print jobs, and you can print your documents again.

What is the reason why my Canon printer displays an error message?

If your Canon printer is experiencing an error, you may not be able to navigate the printer’s screen. To fix a printer that is in error, the first thing you should do is to perform a hard reset. If this doesn’t solve the problem, consult your product manual to learn how to do a partial reset or reset your Canon printer to factory settings.

Canon Printer Still Not Printing? Perhaps it’s time to contact the canon support service!

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