How To Fix Communication Error On Epson Printer?

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Are you getting messages like “Printer not printing” and “Printer is paused?” We can help you fix your Epson printer Communication Error quickly and easily if this is the case. When your Epson Printer cannot connect to or interact with another device, it is called an Epson Printer communication error. Below you can find an answer to How To Fix Communication Error On Epson Printer?

Computers, laptops, and other similar gadgets are all examples. In this situation, your printer might not be able to identify or inspect the sheets and devices that were introduced. When the Epson printer displays an error message or refuses to interface with a device this makes the condition so annoying. As a result, they start to get blurry and blank prints.

This is where you will need to identify the problem and fix it using the steps below. How To Fix Communication Error On Epson Printer? These are the steps you need to follow to fix the problem. Or, get help from our live chat experts.

What causes the Epson Printer Communication Error?

Epson printer systems can have these types of communication Errors.

  • The problem with the Epson printer’s power light.
  • Second Your Light is on but it isn’t printing any documents.

There are many causes and solutions to every type of error in Epson printer communications.

The power Light of the Epson printer isn’t turning on.

The most common reason your Epson printer’s light turns off is because of a loose or improperly connected power cord to the power source. This problem can be resolved in a few simple steps.

Your Epson printer should be turned off.

Double-check your printer’s power cord and ensure it is securely attached to the power source.

Turn the Epson printer on after you have completed a thorough inspection.

Sometimes, an Epson printer’s power socket may be defective and cause it not to turn on. To test the power socket, you will need to plug in other devices. It can cause other devices to stop working if it is defective.

The Epson Printer’s Power Light is On, but it isn’t printing

Epson printer communication Errors usually prevent the printer from printing any document that the computer to it has ordered it to print. In this instance, the Epson printer’s power light illuminates but does not print. This issue could be caused by several factors. In the following sections, we’ll discuss all possible causes and potential solutions.

The Epson printer has not been properly connected to the computer/laptop.

After you have completed all steps carefully, connect your Epson printer to your computer and reset it.

Use a USB cable with an incorrect interface

In the past, Epson printer owners tried to connect their printers with computers using outdated USB interface cables. These cables can cause communication Errors when users attempt to print documents.

Maybe the printer or power source cable correctly

An error in the connection may have caused an Epson printer to not communicate with you. Before connecting the printer to the computer, ensure that both ends are in good order.

Problems with your printer

After asking your Epson printer to run a “nozzle test pattern”, make sure it prints. If it doesn’t, it’s a waste. If your printer doesn’t print, it is likely that it is defective and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Your system RAM is not able to handle the data in the document that you wish to print.

Use the Epson application tool to reduce the size and resolution you print the document on your computer or laptop. It would be great if you could upgrade the memory of your computer or laptop.

Fix Communication Error On Epson Printer that cannot communicate with a scanner

1. Restart your Epson Printer

Resetting Epson printers can fix all communication issues with your Epson printer. click the Reset button on your printer. The printer will prompt you to download the Reset Files and extract them. The Epson printer can be reset immediately.

2. Check the Wi-Fi Connection

Verify that your Epson printer can be connected wirelessly to the internet.

Navigate to the control panel via the printer’s display.

Give your printer a command to print the configuration page to confirm its TCP/IP address.

If you see the warning “Duplicate address”, it is likely that this is an error. To resolve the Epson printer connectivity problem, you must update it.

Navigate to the “control panel” on the screen of the printer.

There will be a “Troubleshooting” option. Select it.

Choose “Network issues” in the drop-down menu.

Next, select “Network diagnostics” and you will be able to assess the settings of your computer as well as Epson printer equipment.

It will then display the results of the network diagnostics testing. Now you can check the status of your Epson printer’s wireless connection.

3. Check the Cable Connections

Turn off the printer and monitor.

Make sure your Epson multifunction printing device is correctly connected to your computer’s power socket.

Both PCs can be switched on.

You may not be able to resolve the Epson printer communication Error despite all your efforts. You can also use our live chat to quickly reach our technical specialists and receive your answers at any time.

4. Drivers for Epson printers need to be removed and reinstalled

Turn on your computer to get started.

Click the “Start” button on your computer.

Next, use your mouse to select the “Settings”, an icon that looks like a gear.

Now you are on the page that shows you your “Windows settings”.

Choose “Printers and drivers” from the dropdown menu.

The “Epson Printer” option will be obvious immediately.

Next, click on the properties button and then click the driver’s tab to uninstall your printer.

Go to the Epson website.

To access the most recent Epson printer drivers, and to download the setup utility, click the Support button.

To install them, follow the instructions on your computer screen.

This will resolve all communication problems with your Epson printer.

5. System Restart

Simply turn off your computer.

Disconnect all USB connections.

After waiting for 3-5 minutes, turn on your computer. Then connect the USB cable with the Epson printer.

Rebooting your Epson printer is a common solution to the “Epson printer communication problem”.

6. Use the Printer Troubleshooter

Navigate to the Start Menu on your computer.

To access “Settings”, tap the gear icon.

It will display “window settings.”

Search for the word in the search box and you will find “Troubleshooter”

When it appears, select the “Epson printer troubleshooter” option.

Next, move on to the hardware/sound part.

Choose the “Use a printer” option.

To resolve the Epson printer connectivity problem, select “Troubleshoot”.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Epson printer displaying a communication error?

It is possible that your printer and computer are not connected correctly. Make sure you check both ends of your printer-computer cable interface. It is possible that the wrong interface cable was used. When using the USB interface, use a revision 2.0 or 1.1 cable

How do I clear an Epson printer error?

The first thing you can do is first get out the jammed paper by pressing the paper button. If the error persists, you can open the printer cover to remove any paper parts. Then, place the paper in the sheet feeder and press the paper button to resume printing. Cartouche ink is nearly empty. Visit How To Check Ink Levels On Epson Printer to check your printer ink level.

How can I reset my Epson printer?

Turn off the printer Turn off the printer Hold the reset button at the printer’s back. When the reset button is held, turn the printer on. Wait for the message to indicate that the printer has reset.


In the last, I hope you have a solution for How To Fix Communication Error On Epson Printer if any methods of this guide do not work then it’s better to visit nearly Epson Customer Service. For more queries or questions tell me in the comments.

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