How To Print Business Cards on Epson Printer?

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Why do you need to Print Business Cards on Epson Printer? A business that is successful is a result that is clear communications, outstanding service, and a high level of trust from customers. It’s no surprise that a clear, precise, and attractive business card is the underlying element of everything.

If you’re a company owner that has run out of cards, this guide on how you can print business cards using an Epson printer is the answer to your issue. In addition, if you’ve never had business cards before and you’re looking for something quick to show your clients without bulk orders, printing business cards with an Epson printer could be a good idea.

Learn the best way to use the capabilities of your Epson printer to create as well as print business cards with Canva at home, or conventional Microsoft Word. This step-by-step tutorial will leave you wondering why you didn’t make use of this method before.

Points to take into consideration prior to print business cards on Epson printer at your home

Paper for printing

Typically, business cards are specifically designed for each type of printer, therefore it is essential to ensure that you select one that is compatible with your printer. Additionally, you need to select between matte, plain, or gloss papers, including finishing, thickness, and layout.

Printer type

Although you can use either the laser or an inkjet printer to print business cards Inkjet printers are preferred more. This is due to the fact that they offer an array of paper options and offer superior printing more than laser printers.

Printing Software

Although there are lots of design software such as Photoshop and Canva available however the most practical choice is to choose MS Word for designing your template. The templates for business cards in Microsoft Word work great giving an extensive selection of templates to choose from.

Once you’ve come up with your card, you’re now ready to create it to print. There are a few options to accomplish this.


If you haven’t yet checked out Canva for marketing materials, you must. It is possible to make use of Canva to print various materials, like business cards letterheads, and brochures. It’s also nice that when you purchase Canva’s paid edition of Canva the user can also save their branding colors and logo, too. However, even using the free version of Canva you can design unified color schemes for your marketing products.

Its Canva business card measures 3.5 inches by two inches. You can input the precise dimensions if you require a different size. After you’ve loaded the template for business cards, Canva gives you many templates for you to pick from or you can design your own. After you’ve made your card, download the template and save it to your computer. If you’d like to purchase your cards right through Canva.1

Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Word both includes templates for business cards to create business cards. When you download the software, you are able to look up the kind of document you wish to create and select among a selection of templates.

It’s crucial to be aware of the template to make sure that it is in line with the layout that you see displayed on the screen of your laptop. While the majority of pre-perforated business card papers have 10 cards on each page, not all are organized in the same way. To prevent printing errors, it is important to ensure that the layout on your computer screen matches that of the layout on the paper.

Another alternative could be to download and then import Avery templates into your software. This could be the most effective option if you’ve bought business card papers and want to be sure that the screen design will match the paper precisely.

After the template has been installed in your program you are able to add your content. Make sure you adhere to the guidelines of the template.

Business Card Maker

If you’re using the internet, then there are many websites that offer a business card template. You can pick from a wide range of colors and themes, and once you have entered your details and completed the order, you can purchase cards or download the card to print at your home.

Business Card Template

The majority of the business card paper brands that you can purchase contain the link to a website that allows the download of a design that will match the paper you purchased. 

How to Choose Your Business Card Paper

If you’re looking for business card paper There are many options. To reduce time and effort purchase pre-perforated business card paper to avoid having to cut the cards yourself.

Paper Color

Cream and white are the most popular colors used to print business cards at home.

Paper Stock

You can purchase ordinary card stock, as it is the most economical. Also, you can purchase premium cardstock, which is more robust than standard cardstock. It’s even treated to create a stronger appearance. A different option would be plastic which isn’t widely used. You’ll have to verify your printer to ensure it is able to handle this kind of paper.

Paper Thickness

The thicker the card, the more durable it is. Business cards typically range from between 15 and 21 points. There are extra-thick cards with up to 30 or more points. At a minimum, you need to utilize 15-point business card stock.

Paper Finish

There’s a choice of gloss finishes that is a little shiny and matte. When you’ve got graphics or lots of colors on your card, the glossy finish is likely to appear more attractive. If you’re mostly using black text, a matte finish is the most appropriate option.

Other Paper Options

It is also possible to purchase linen or textured cards if you wish to look more extravagant. Be sure that the printer you are using can handle this type of paper.


If you’re planning on two-sided printing, make sure to select the right card to stop the ink from leaking through. There’s a specially designed business card for printing on two sides.


The majority of business cards are specifically designed for a particular printer, whether it’s an inkjet or laser. Be sure to purchase paper for the printer model you have. Visit 10 Best printers under 150 to make sure you have the right printer.

Business Card Template

Although most business card papers include 10 business cards on each page, their layout may differ. If you’ve already created your own business cards, it’s important to select the layout of your business card that matches the template that you have used.

Print your business cards at the Home

After you’ve designed the business card you want to use, it’s now time to print it. You’ll need to follow the instructions of the business card template as well as your printer. The basic rules are:

Make sure you’ve checked your printer’s settings to choose the type of paper that you’re printing on (glossy or matt) and select high-quality printing. If you’re printing cards with double-sided sides, make sure you make sure that your printer is set to double-sided printing.

Print a test print: Business card printing can require an enormous amount of ink therefore, before printing your final product make sure you print a test page first. If it looks great then you can print it.

Make sure you print just one or two pages at one time. Too many pages might jam your printer. In addition, based on the amount of ink available subsequent pages might not be high-quality If your ink is running low.

Allow the ink to dry allow your cards to dry for a couple of minutes to make sure that the ink doesn’t get wet if employing the inkjet printing device. The ink that is wet will discolor and cause damage to your hard work (and the paper).

Separate the cards carefully. Once dried, fold gently the cards along the perforated lines in order to break the bonds between the cards. Then, pull the cards apart. Do not try to tear them fast enough, and only take one tear at a time. If you do, it could cause rips or uneven edges, regardless of whether you’re using clean-edged card paper.

Business cards are a cheap and simple method of letting the world about your business. Printing at home is a great option, and you can ensure that you never run out of any business cards.

Most Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do I have the ability to use the printer I have to create business cards?

Sure, you can print your business cards with the printers. However, for this, you must study the qualities of business cards. You can then sign up for the card’s service of creation for long-term use.

How can I create business cards using my computer at home?

You can indeed create business cards at home on your computer. It’s easy. The business card can be vital to establishing the business. When you are creating a business card, you should think about the corporate scheme, color, and logo of the company.

Is it possible to print more than one business card on one page?

Yes, printing multiple business cards on one sheet is feasible. You must however upload the photo that you want to use for your business card to the website.

How can I create high-gloss business cards from home?

If you’d like your printed company cards to look shiny, make sure that you select glossy business card papers to put in your printer. The package of paper must indicate the type of paper, matte or glossy paper, the number of sheets that are included in this paper can be used with laser or inkjet printers, the layout of the card, and the size that each one of the cards will be after perforation.

Where can I create business cards that I can create at my home?

You can utilize Canva the free online design tool, to design your business cards by using their templates. You can also create business cards with Microsoft Word or Publisher, or personal templates designed specifically to match your particular brand of paper.


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