How To Make Hp Printer Print Without Black Ink?

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If you aren’t sure how to print without black ink, then you’ll require some knowledge to make it through a scenario in which you print many documents over the course of a few days. If you own printing business or must deal with a large amount of paperwork and getting rid of ink is a challenge for you, then this guide will assist you in resolving this issue of getting rid of black ink using simple steps. Relax when you are using an ink-free printer.

Make Hp Printer Print Without Black Ink?

Remember, if your printer runs not black, do not permit it to print without any ink. It is necessary to be patient and employ an escape route to get out of this situation without even noticing the actions you took. It’s quite easy for those using the HP printer, Epson printer, or Canon printer that utilizes ink cartridges that color. How to print without black ink? Let’s discover today.

How to Print without Black Ink Simple trick

We’ll be sharing an easy method that uses the control panel to get access to the settings and then employ the trick. To do this, you will need to be patient when printing with a printer that doesn’t have ink. The following steps will assist you in making your printer use ink colors that match black to solve the problem. Here’s what you need to do.

Open Taskbar on Windows and look in Control Panel. You are also able to access the Control Panel in the My PC folder by using the toolbar which gives users to access the Control Panel easily.

Select the “Devices and Printers” option on the Control Panel. You will then be able to change your actual printer settings.

Choose the Printer from the list of devices, and then go to its properties via the right-click feature on your keyboard. This will let you get to the settings standard for the printer.

Click on the option Color to select your Ink Set that will be displayed in the printer’s properties. You can select any color you want. This is how your trick is working. You must select the right color, one that has dark textures that are difficult to see in contrast with black ink. After that, click Apply and OK.

Once you have decided on any color, you can print the document you want to print easily. This allows you to print your document using a printer with no ink-like black or any other color.

If you are looking to know how to print using any black or white ink Kodak or to make a printer make use of color ink for black printing in any printer like Epson or HP, you should be precise about the settings. There may be different methods to set their settings, however, the procedure of making the printer utilize black color ink for these printers is nearly identical. If you want to print with black ink using any of these brand printers, read this short instruction.

Epson Printers How to Print with Low Ink

If you’re using an Epson printer and it has run empty of black ink then there is an alternative method to print your documents using different colors. It is not necessary to have an extra ink cartridge. You can simply use a black Epson ink cartridge or even take the moment to buy one. Follow the steps we’ve shared below to set up your Epson printer to print with no black if you’re using a Windows PC

Search and then open Control Panel.

Select Printers and Devices in the Control Panel.

On the screen of printers within the menu options select and click on the settings of your printer.

Click on the Properties tab of the printer you have. Epson printer.

Choose the color option accessible from the Ink Set option.

Choose the color settings you like in the drop-down menu. Then click Apply. This is how to make Hp printer print without black ink.

For Mac Users

If you’re running macOS you can alter settings when printing documents. Start your Epson Printer Utility.

It is also necessary to launch the dialog box, where you’ll be able to open driver settings.

Select the “Permit temporary black printing “Permit permanent black printing” option within the subsection. You can then select the printing options.

You can select the Plain Paper style from the alternatives.

Utilize the Grayscale settings in that style menu. Click on OK after selecting the color you want to use. This is how to make it use color inks for black if you’re using Mac.

How To Make Hp Printer Print Without Black Ink?

If you’re having issues with your HP printer but are unsure of how to make your HP printer print with no ink color, there’s also an answer. It will be different from the Epson Printer with no ink however it will assist you in solving the issue. The majority of people have complaints about Hp Envy printing in black, however, we can fix it easily. It’s just a matter of remembering that to print high-quality images, HP ink cartridges must be upgraded properly.

If you’re running out of ink black, you can continue printing using your HP printer using a simple technique. This is how you can print without black ink if you have an HP printer connected to the Windows PC.

The first step is to stop all printing processes from being run in the background. Open the control panel.

Then, you can go to your Devices and Printer option from where you will be able to access HP printing settings.

Find The quality Options on your printer, and then look for the grayscale option.

There is the option of choosing colors and settings, including Black as well as White for printing. Click Apply following which you will be ready to go once you click OK. This will let the HP printer print with no black ink.

For Mac User

You’ll need to open the HP printer software application to Your Mac system.

Select a document you want to print. It will display a list of printers that are available for that. Make use of the HP printing model.

Choose an option for Paper Quality option for it and then click on the triangle icon which is located next to color choices.

Here you will have access to Grayscale also known as the Black and White colors of the HP printer.

After that, you can select any color from the drop-down menu and click Print. This will enable you to make it using the color ink to print black.

What should you do when the Epson printer ink cartridge is running low?

If you’re having problems with ink on your Epson printer and want to work with the printer with no color cartridge here’s what you can do with Windows PC.

Stop all printing processes. Go to settings for printers and devices where you can see the set of options.

Select Quality Options, then choose Plain Paper for it. This will be the paper you need that you need to print on.

Choose the Grayscale option in the Print Options.

Choose a different color now then Press OK to print your documents with no worries.

For Mac User

Stop all printing and then go to the Settings for Epson Printer Utility.

Make use of the driver settings to open the options for printing black when you click on Allow Temporary Black Printing.

You can then go to the typesetting for media from where you can select your Plain Paper option.

Then you will be able to select the grayscale option and you’re now ready to print the documents you want. If you already have another ink cartridge and you don’t know how to change then visit How To Change Printer Ink.

How to Print without Black Ink Printing with any Canon Printer?

If you’re experiencing issues with your Canon printer but aren’t sure how you can change it to use black ink that is color, we can fix this quickly. These steps are.

Log in through the Control Panel of your Windows PC for access to Devices and Printers.

Right-click the Canon printer’s icon and choose Printing Preferences.

It will have a grayscale option available under the Quick Setup tab.

You can print anything by removing borderless printing and duplex printing.

Simply tap Apply after choosing Plain Paper as your option to select a medium size and you’re ready to go.

Print the documents you wish to print.


How can I get rid of empty cartridges of ink from Epson?

To get rid of an empty cartridge of ink on your Epson printer, change the settings of your printer to black and white only and grayscale modes. This will let you print your documents with ease and will not be asking questions on how to bypass printers that have low levels of ink Epson models.

How do I print without using black ink with an Epson printer?

There’s an Epson printer with a low ink bypass trick that you can alter the settings for your printer and set either grayscale or white and black. This lets you print in other colors and with black ink. The Epson Inkjet printers with black ink-only models aren’t as reliable, so apply this trick to color printers. Any Epson printer that uses only black ink might not be useful if you’re running out of black cartridges.


This is a tutorial on how to make Hp printer print without black ink. We discussed the real issues of users who keep asking if they can print black using color ink. What if a printer prints with black ink? We hope that these questions helped you in the tutorial which we used to resolve problems with black ink only on HP printers, and black ink issues with Epson printers as well.

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