Cricut Explore Air 2 Review: Is It Still Worth?

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Why buy Cricut Explore Air 2

To be able to make top-quality vinyl decals, iron-on, cardboard cutouts, and other projects, you need a cutting machine that can give you precise results. Shaping, scoring, and cutting by hand can take a lot of time and costly mistakes can always happen, this is why cutting machines or vinyl machines have become more and more popular.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is one of the most popular Cutting Machines that have ever hit the market. Possibly the main reason is that it is easy to use, it has a double tool holder plus it comes with a Smart Set Dial for the most accurate cuts all the time. Despite being released in 2017, it looks like it can still be worth buying this year with its many good features.


Presenting the Cricut Explore Air 2, released in 2017 but still very much in demand in 2018. The circut machine model alone has a near 5 rating on shopping sites online with hundreds of positive reviews. What makes the Explore Air 2 popular and why it is worth it or not this 2020 will be discussed in this Cricut Explore Air 2 review.

Product Review

Materials that this cutting machine can cut

Possibly the very first thing that will come to your mind is the type of material you want to cut. This is not a problem for the Cricut Explore Air 2. It can be used to mark, score and cut materials like vinyl, faux leather, cloth, poster board, cardboard, cardstock, paper, adhesive foils and so much more. You can make different kinds of projects like personalized home decorations, greeting cards, quilts, personalized apparel, and more.

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However, Explore Air 2 is unable to accommodate larger or wider materials. It will not cut thicker materials like balsa which is one of the most popular materials used in making lightweight toys and projects. If you want to cut larger and thicker materials, you may need another Cricut model like the Cricut Maker. This model accepts wider materials and thicker ones too with its fully-adjustable or expandable tool suite.

Are design uploads possible?

With the Cricut’s app, you can upload your own designs from your device or computer and then let the Cricut Explore Air 2 work its magic. As long as your file is compatible with the Cricut Design software, you can seamlessly make any project in a snap. And if you don’t have a design at hand, you can easily find a perfect design from Cricut’s library of images. Just download the Cricut Design app to your phone or tablet or install the Cricut Design software on your laptop or PC. When you are done, use the app or software to find the best design for your project. Take note that not all designs are free, you need to pay for some designs but these mostly cost $1 each or maybe even less.

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Cricut Explore Air 2 – Image from Amazon

Onboard tools available

The Cricut Explore Air 2 has a double tool holder that will hold two tools at once. If you have a rotary blade and a scoring tool, you can have these two work at once. You will save time creating different projects because you don’t need to load the material again to cut it.

The Smart Set Dial on the Explore Air 2 lets you cut with more precision. With just a touch of the dial, you can adjust the depth of the blades or scoring tool to adapt to the material you are cutting. This feature is unique to this Cricut model.

This Cricut machine comes with very sharp and virtually indestructible blades. These are German-made blades that are known to be very durable and will be able to cut and mark thicker and more complex materials. However, this will not cut very thick materials as the machine is unable to accept thicker materials from its feed.


This cutting machine connects wirelessly using Bluetooth. Connect your iPhone or Android device to the machine so you can cut and create all kinds of projects wirelessly. And in case you want to connect your laptop or PC, you may do so using a USB cable.

Connecting to the Cricut Explore Air 2 is quite easy. Wireless and wired connections are very easy to do and it would take only minutes to do so. This machine is compatible with the latest and previous operating systems and there’s no need to download additional software to work.

Cricut Explore Air™ 2 Features

Specs & Features

  • Measures 24” x 9.5” x 9.5”, weighs less than 17 pounds
  • With a double tool holder
  • Uses Cricut Design software
  • With Smart Set Dial
  • Cuts 100+ materials
  • With German carbide premium blade
  • Connects via embedded Bluetooth or via USB
  • Available in a variety of colors (Mint, Persimmon, Matte Black and Cherry Blossom)


  • Can upload your design using Cricut Design app/software
  • Smart Set Dial lets you adjust cutting and scoring depth with ease
  • Connects Android and iPhone devices via Bluetooth or USB
  • Cuts efficiently with German carbide premium blades
  • With a double tool holder to hold two tools at a time


  • Some designs from the Cricut Design app are not free
  • Is not too wide to accommodate larger or wider materials.

Final Word

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a cutting machine that will help you cut through different materials with just one pass of the arm. It has a double tool assembly that can carry two tools at once (rotary blade and scoring tool); you will save a lot of time-making projects.

This cutting machine connects to a Cricut Design software/app so you can use this machine to cut your own personalized designs. The app has a vast library of designs you can use with most designs free to use. It may not take wider and thicker materials but still is a good investment for any DIY crafter this 2020.

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