Cricut Maker Review – What You Need To Know of This Vinyl Cutter

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Why Buy This Product?

Cricut Maker can do everything that the Cricut Explore can do and even more. This is the tool you need, today and tomorrow. It cuts fabrics quickly, safely, and flawlessly. Also, it adds a new dimension to any project and makes every fold sharp, crisp, and to the point. It features commercial-grade cutting power. The power of a professional machine. The simplicity of Cricut and this is not just for your balsa wood projects or sewing because it can cut to more than 300 various materials even the ones that Cricut Explorer can’t.


Firstly, Cricut Maker offers more materials, more tools, and opens more possibilities. With the revolutionary toolset, the Cricut Maker cuts write and scores more materials with better precision and control like no other. Cricut Maker helps you grow with your passion and master your desired new craft. Featuring the Rotary Blade, that provides customizable and precision fabric cutting even if you’re at home. You can use it in cutting cotton, denim, fleece, and more. Because of its gliding and rolling action, Cricut Maker can virtually cut any type of fabric quickly and accurately without any problem.

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Cricut maker has an extra-deep Knife Blade that cuts through dense materials up to 2.4 mm (3/32”) thick with so much ease and safety. It is perfect for cutting thicker materials such as balsa wood, matboard, and heavy leather. This die cutting machine breaks the creative barriers because of its extra-deep and razor-sharp score lines. The Scoring Wheel tools can do everything you desire such as origami paper, coated poster board, and corrugated cardboard. Every crease-and-fold project you do has a flawless finish without any cracks. Using the Adaptive Tool System, every cut comes out perfect. This system is exclusively available with the most-sought Cricut Maker. This is a unique cutting technology that can help you control the blade’s direction and the cut pressure, thus matching the material you use.

Product Review

Cricut Maker is one of the best cutting machines. Whether you are new in this field or it is just a hobby or you are a big shot in design and craft the Cricut Maker is your ultimate tool like the hammer of Thor.

Another thing worth noting is that all Cricut machines come with software called Design Space and this is free and user-friendly. This software is great because of its cloud-based. Your files can be accessed from any device, any time you want. You can use it seamlessly from your phone, and then continue your work with your laptop or iPad, and another good news is that it even works offline. So you will not have to worry about working away from a computer or doing last-minute edits or touch-ups. Another cool feature of the Design Space is that you can browse and play with the thousands of images, different fonts, and ready-to-make projects and templates for your next project, business, or masterpiece.

Cricut is easy to use and handle, so the kiddos can use it for school projects. Decorating your home, making cards, and getting ready for holidays is now made easier. You can send someone special a thoughtful card too. You can also buy a Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV from other vendors that also work well. Choose one that is light enough that you can take it with you on the road if you wish. It fits nicely in the current hard-side Cricut bags which are made for the famous Explore series.

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Specs & Features

This fabric cutting machine can cuts different materials, hundreds of them, quickly and accurately, from delicate papers and fabrics to matboards and leathers.

  • ​Useful tools. The powerful blades, scoring tool, and pens of Cricut Maker ultimately grow with you while you’re learning each new craft.
  • Rotary Blade. The rolling and gliding action of the blade can cuts any fabric fast and accurate, without backing the material.
  • Knife Blade1. The extra-deep blade is similar to the action of the X-ACTO knife, slicing through heavier materials such as 2.4 mm or 3/32 inch balsa wood or mat board with confidence and ease.
  • Scoring Wheel plus Double Scoring Wheel1. Unique powerful scoring tools deliver extra-deep score lines because of the razor-sharp feature, in different materials.
  • Adaptive and Intuitive Tool System. It is a professional cutting technology that smartly controls the direction of the blade, adding up to 10 times more cutting force.
  • Washable fabric pen1. Automatically mark the pattern pieces. This will allow you to fit the patterns together.
  • ​Easy-to-learn Space software. It is fully loaded with modern and advanced features such as Offline Mode and SnapMat. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.
  • Digital Sewing Pattern Library. Now, you can have access to hundreds of patterns from famous brands such as Riley Blake and Simplicity. Choose a project, and the machine will cut all the pieces you’ll need.
  • Flexibility to upload your own designs. Use your own images and fonts for free in a variety of standard file formats.
  • 50 ready-to-make projects. It comes with 25 sewing patterns so you can do more projects with Cricut Maker.

Cricut Maker Machine Tour – Working with Cricut Maker


  • Easy to use.
  • It is light enough and you can take it anywhere.
  • You can use Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) purchased from other vendors.
  • Cuts the most materials.
  • Software that has thousands of patterns and designs.
  • It can cut to the smallest details.


  • Some accessories are sold separately and are not yet available in the market.
  • The device works only when connected to the Cricut cloud.


In general, Cricut Maker is still recommended for people who love arts and craft and design either for personal use, business, or school projects. This is the haven of artistic and not so artistic people because it is easy to use and provides a lot of design and patterns that come with the software and it is like the only limit in creating is your imagination. So you can make more than you can imagine. This is still a 5-star product.

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