Silhouette Cameo 4 VS Cricut Air 2 – Which One Is The Best for Crafter?

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For people who love crafts, it is easy to see the appeal to cutting machines. They can turn a simple photo into a puzzle or allow you to cut any material into numerous different things. Patterns, lettering, and more are all within our reach with these amazing little machines. We love it because we strive to push the limits on what we are able to do and always want the best tools to help us to get it done. It is this that drives us to ask the tough question. “Cameo 4 vs. Cricut Air 2. Which will help you cut through your projects best?”

Silhouette Cameo 4 VS Cricut Air 2 – Which is Best?

There are several very popular brands of cutting machines available for crafters and hobbyists. Each machine promises to be the best, though they do offer features that are both similar and very different. Which is best, will depend on what type of projects you hope to take on.

Silhouette Cameo 4

Silhouette Cameo 4

The Silhouette Cameo 3 and Cameo 4 were designed by Silhouette America, INC., a company that was founded in 2009. Since its opening, they have invented several types of machines that are all high-quality desktop cutters. The Cameo 4 is among their newest and it is loaded with features to prove it.

With this machine, creative cutting takes on a whole new meaning. It allows you to cut a wide variety of materials including vinyl, fabric, cardstock, and more. You can cut materials that are up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long. Is that enough to let your creativity shine?

Introduction to the Silhouette Cameo® 4

Other features include:

A Built-in Dual Motor. The motor allows you to make multiple cuts without worry.

Automatic Tool Detection Sensors. Sensors allow the machine to know which tools you are using and adjust accordingly.

Up to 5,000 Grams of Force. With this amount of cutting pressure, you can cut through the thickest material. Up to 3mm, thick should be cut with ease. This is beneficial with its built-in roll feeder, which allows you to load and cut long materials including vinyl, stickers, and heat transfers. There is also a cross-cutter so that you can trim it right off the roll if you need to.

Cuts Up to 30 cm per Second. Cameo 4 is one of the fastest machines available. It can cut even intricate designs quickly. However, to ensure you are always in control, it has a responsive, backlit touch panel. You can control this cutting machine with a computer, either Windows or Mac, and the touch of your finger.

Wireless Control. This cutting machine connects through any Bluetooth connection so that your computer does not have to be nearby.

Cutting Made Fun. When you do not need the cutting mat, you have the option to use a fun pop-out cutting feature. You also have access to the Silhouette Studio® software and some designs, which will let you explore all the different directions your creative mind may take you.

Designed to Express Your Style. The Cameo 4 is available in several fun color choices including black, white, pink, patterned pink, and patterned blue.

Cricut Air 2

Cricut Air 2

Established in 1962, Cricut knows a lot about creativity and cutting. It is this that makes them one of the most popular cutting machine brands available. They offer several different machines and color options to meet your personal style.

Cricut Air 2 is the newest, fastest cutting machine offered by Cricut. It can tackle virtually anything you put it up against including faux leather, foils, posterboards, and more. What will you manage to create with the Air 2?

Precisely Cut Anything. The sky’s the limit with this machine that promises to cut a large variety of materials with 100% accuracy. Simply tell the machine what you want, and it will take care of the rest.

Creative Possibilities Flow Freely. This machine not only cuts, but it can write and score without requiring you to purchase additional tools.

Precision and Speed. This machine is the fastest available from Cricut. It is up to two times faster than the previous version.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Basics ||You Just Bought A Cricut NOW WHAT?

Design on Your Schedule. We are not always at home and near a computer when creativity strikes. This machine is ready when you are. No matter where you are. In fact, it can be used from your personal computer, iPhone, or iPad. When you are ready to print, you can do so easily using your Bluetooth connection or a USB.

Join the Cricut Community. With Cricut, you can combine your creative mind with others who have a similar passion for cutting and creating. There are groups you can be a part of, an endless supply of people willing to help you through projects, and more.

Everything You Need and More. This machine comes with everything you need to get started. This includes the software and app download options, a carbide blade for cuts, a USB and power cord, and a 12” x 12” cutting mat. the adapter for other accessories you may add in later. There are also pen and cardstock samples included.

Explore the Silhouette Cameo 4 and Cricut Air 2 Similarities

These two cutting machines are very similar. They both cut through a variety of materials quickly. They offer Bluetooth connections between your machine and your personal computer.

When it comes to precision cuts, both are able to keep up with what you need them to do. Most people say that they are also similarly fun and able to get you in the mood to create. One thing that we like is that you have included software to ensure that you never run out of creative options.

Which Works Best for Your Needs?

Both the Cameo 4 and Cricut Air 2 can be impressive machines. They are similar enough that the differences may not matter much to you. It all depends on the projects that you want to create, and which features you feel are the most important to you. In our opinion, both could be a solid choice in the right circumstances.

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