How To Print Postcards on HP Printer?

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Print Postcards on Hp printers or any printer can be a great method to increase your company’s popularity and sales by offering your customers regular updates that are unique to them. They are also excellent invitation cards!

The good news is that learning how to print postcards with HP printers is incredibly simple. All you require is an editing program, a printer like Canva or make use of Microsoft Word, and some heavy cardstock.

To ensure that your printer can work with cardstocks, look up the manual of your printer that outlines the size of any paper the printer will handle. Compare this to your specifications for cardstock to get an idea of whether your printer can handle the material.

In general, all printers within HP’s LaserJet and Jet printers series can be configured use of to print cards. Here’s a quick overview of the settings you have to modify to print postcards using the HP printer.

Requirements for Print Postcards On HP Printer that must be followed?

If you are planning to send your postcards using the Postal Service, you must ensure that your postcards accomplish certain requirements. This is because the post office typically charges postage fees dependent on the size of your item, weight, and other crucial features. The addition of a stamp to the wrong size of a postcard can result in a return parcel of postage. Here are the best direct mailing solutions we would recommend for small-sized companies.

The positive side is that this issue can be avoided easily. The solution is easy Send only postcards that are in line with standards. These standards are as the following:

The size of the postcard should range between 115-125 millimeters high. It should also be between 150 and 240 millimeters long. There is no requirement for an aspect ratio.

Thickness The thickness of your postcard should be minimum and not more than 0.4 millimeters thick. These numbers are extremely small and will make it difficult to determine their thickness using angular. Instead, you should check the card stock to make sure that it’s within these parameters.

The shape of all postcards should be rectangular. Whatever appealing you believe the triangular or ovular shape of a postcard might look, the USPS will not take it in.

While there are no formal restrictions on the colors and typography of postcards the address of your postcard must be legible. This means that your postcard’s background colors and typography color shouldn’t deconflict our postcard and should be readable and easy to read, particularly the address area.

However, you are at ease to include eye-catching photos or images on the postcard’s non-text portion – these rules aren’t applicable there.

Step-by-step instructions on How To Print Postcards On HP Printer.

Change the size of the Word

Postcards are made in a particular size and rectangular shape. The image you wish to print on them could be larger than the specified size. If that’s the case you’ll have to shrink it to fit on the postcard you’d like to use.

Select “Files” then select “Page set-up” by using the drop-down list that appears.

Adjust the size according to the dimension of the card you desire and click “OK”.

The document will be changed to fit your preferred size.

Make adjustments to the paper tray to fit the paper.

Go to the control panel and click “Select”. A menu will open. Select “Paper Handling”.

From the choices displayed Select the “Tray” option.

A selection of different types of papers is displayed with options for an envelope, cardstock, legal, and letter. Choose heavy or cardstock.

Change the printer’s settings.

The tray is now equipped to handle postcards You must alter the settings of your printer. This includes selecting the kind of paper and sizes you’d like to print on.

Select the image you wish to print onto the postcard using your device.

In the upper-right corner Click on the top-right corner, then click “File” after which click “Print”. In the dialog box that pops up then click “Properties”.

There is a Paper high-quality” option. Based on the options available you can choose either cardstock that is heavier or heavier than the paper.

Click “OK” to involve your settings.

You must change the size of your printer settings too. If the size you’re looking for isn’t available, change to the “Custom” setting.

When you are offered the option to print size Select “Custom”. Adjust the width and height to your preferred dimensions and save the dimensions.

If you switch back from Properties to Paper size the dimensions you input will appear on the screen. Press it to confirm and click “OK”.

Other possibilities for creating postcards at your home

It’s not necessary to have an application for word processing like Microsoft Word to create postcards at home. Take a look at these options and are free and permit you to create postcards using your tablet, computer, or mobile.

1. Canva

Canva is a free, simple-to-use cloud-based software for designing. It lets you create social media posters, flyers brochures, and a vast assortment of other forms such as postcards.

Here are some advantages of Canva that the word processing software doesn’t include:

Numerous layouts. It is possible to start with a professionally-designed postcard and then change out the elements like text and pictures. It will result in a professional design that requires no effort.

A wide range of fun features. Canva allows you to add your photos as well as stock photos clips, shapes, clip art as well as fun backgrounds.

There are a variety of choices. The adjustments can lead to an impressive effect. The edits you can make include changing the color of virtually everything as well as making images and other elements transparent, and choosing from a vast library of fonts.

Canva is free, as there are riad designs. However, if you’d like access to more options, buy a Canva Pro subscription, which costs $6.49 per month.

When you’ve created an image for a postcard using Canva it is possible to download the design for printing.

Adobe Spark

Adobe provides an online application to create postcards using Adobe Spark. The basic options are simpler, but they are not as flexible as Canva’s. However, Spark is a fast and simple way to convert images from your smartphone into postcards.

Here’s how:

Choose a size and orientation. You can pick the portrait or landscape orientation – which one best displays your image or message.

Choose a theme with ready-made images and a range of text and colors to make your postcard appear professional.

Add your pictures and add text.

You can download the card. You can distribute it on social media, send it to your email address or print it.

It is possible to try Spark for free by signing up for Spark Starter Plan, which lets you share and create content but doesn’t give access to all features. If you’re looking for all-inclusive use, buy Spark as a component roof Adobe Creative Cloud or as a one-time subscription to apps.

What happens if you decide to cut out the printer?

With the advent of digital services, and the concern for environmental sustainability, a lot of people do not have a printer in their homes. However, even when you don’t own printing equipment it is still possible to create your postcards at home or even from any place around the globe.

A variety of apps allow you to utilize images from your smartphone, Facebook or Instagram to quickly design professional-looking postcards. After that, you can write the message you want to be printed on the reverse of the card and include an address for the recipient or recipients. For a mere dollar to two dollars, you could then have the card printed and sent to the person who received it.

This is a good alternative if you wish to send cards on business or personal travel, and don’t have access printer. You can also send cards while you’re waiting at the airport.

Here are a few apps that let you design and print postcards on your smartphone:

MyPostcard For Apple

TouchNote For Android

Postagram For Android

If you prefer traditional postcards printed on paper or choose to go digital and use these services, you can design the postcards of your choice. Send a message about your vacation, memories, or message of promotion by creating and mailing your postcard now.


You can’t just feed thick cardstock and then print cards using normal printer settings. The printer has to be informed that you’re going to feed it special postcard paper. Therefore, learning to print postcards using HP printers will require some adjustments to the settings. If your HP Instant Ink is not working then you should visit Why Is My HP Instant Ink Not Working?

Be sure to check your printer’s manual to determine if it is compatible with your paper and choose the correct size for professional outcomes.

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