What Is Monochrome Printing and Grayscale?

What Is Monochrome Printing

It’s said that everything is better when it’s in color, but not always. This applies to printers too! A color printer is more practical if it’s used for personal or home use. If you print a lot of documents, like company letters and office memos, that do not require color ink, then a printer’s ability … Read more

How To Change Printer Ink Canon?

How To Change Printer Ink Canon

If you have a Canon printer, you might be wondering How to Change Printer Ink Canon. It’s actually pretty simple – just follow these steps and you’ll be done in no time! How important is the printer? Printers are one of the most important pieces of equipment in any office or home. They allow us … Read more

How To Connect iPad To Canon Printer?

How To Connect iPad To Canon Printer

Did you buy a new printer and don’t know How To Connect iPad To Canon Printer? Did you have problems connecting your Canon Printer and iPad Air? Here is a solution to your problem. This article will provide a complete guide on connecting a canon printer with your Apple iPad Air.  An AirPrint compatible Canon … Read more

How Long Does Printer Toner Last?

How Long Does Printer Toner Last

Since the inception of the laser printer, this question has been a constant concern for printer users. How long can a toner cartridge last? It is easy, but it is also mind-boggling. Your toner cartridge will last forever if it is stored properly. Although toner cartridges may not be immortal, they can last a lifetime … Read more

How To Fix Communication Error On Epson Printer?

How To Fix Communication Error On Epson Printer

Are you getting messages like “Printer not printing” and “Printer is paused?” We can help you fix your Epson printer Communication Error quickly and easily if this is the case. When your Epson Printer cannot connect to or interact with another device, it is called an Epson Printer communication error. Below you can find an … Read more