Cricut Explore Air 2 Review: Is It Still Worth for 2020?

Cricut Explore Air 2

Why buy Cricut Explore Air 2

To be able to make top quality vinyl decals, iron-ons, cardboard cut outs, and other projects, you need a cutting machine that can give you precise results. Shaping, scoring and cutting by hand can take a lot of time and costly mistakes can always happen, this is why cutting machines or vinyl machines have become more and more popular.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is one of the most popular Cutting Machines that have ever hit the market. Possibly the main reason is that it is easy to use, it has a double tool holder plus it comes with a Smart Set Dial for the most accurate cuts all the time. Despite being released in 2017, it looks like it can still be worth buying this year with its many good features.


Presenting the Cricut Explore Air 2, released in 2017 but still very much in demand in 2018. The circut machine model alone has a near 5 rating on shopping sites online with hundreds of positive reviews. What makes the Explore Air 2 popular and why it is worth it or not this 2020 will be discussed in this Cricut Explore Air 2 review.

Product Review

Materials that this cutting machine can cut

Possibly the very first thing that will come to your mind is the type of material you want to cut. This is not a problem for the Cricut Explore Air 2. It can be used to mark, score and cut materials like vinyl, faux leather, cloth, poster board, cardboard, cardstock, paper, adhesive foils and so much more. You can make different kinds of projects like personalized home decorations, greeting cards, quilts, personalized apparel and more.

Cricut Explore Air 2​

However, the Explore Air 2 is unable to accommodate larger or wider materials. It will not cut thicker materials like balsa which is one of the most popular materials used in making lightweight toys and projects. If you want to cut larger and thicker materials, you may need another Cricut model like the Cricut Maker. This model accepts wider materials and thicker ones too with its full-adjustable or expandable tool suite.

Are design uploads possible?

With the Cricut’s app, you can upload your own designs from your device or computer and then let the Cricut Explore Air 2 work its magic. As long as your file is compatible with the Cricut Design software, you can seamlessly make any project in a snap. And if you don’t have a design at hand, you can easily find a perfect design from Cricut’s library of images. Just download the Cricut Design app to your phone or tablet or install the Cricut Design software in your laptop or PC. When you are done, use the app or software to find the best design for your project. Take note that not all designs are free, you need to pay for some designs but these mostly cost $1 each or maybe even less.

Cricut Explore Air 2​ - 1

Onboard tools available

The Cricut Explore Air 2 has a double tool holder that will hold two tools at once. If you have a rotary blade and a scoring tool, you can have these two working at once. You will save time creating different projects because you don’t need to load the material again to cut it.

The Smart Set Dial on the Explore Air 2 lets you cut with more precision. With just a touch of the dial, you can adjust the depth of the blades or scoring tool to adapt to the material you are cutting. This feature is unique to this Cricut model.

This Cricut machine comes with very sharp and virtually indestructible blades. These are German-made blades which are known to be very durable and will be able to cut and mark thicker and more complex materials. However, this will not cut very thick materials as the machine is unable to accept thicker materials from its feed.


This cutting machine connects wirelessly using Bluetooth. Connect your iPhone or Android device to the machine so you can cut and create all kinds of projects wirelessly. And in case you want to connect your laptop or PC, you may do so using a USB cable.

Connecting to the Cricut Explore Air 2 is quite easy. Wireless and wired connections are very easy to do and it would take only minutes to do so. This machine is compatible with the latest and previous operating systems and there’s no need to download additional software to work. 1


Cricut Explore Air™ 2 Features

Specs & Features

• Measures 24” x 9.5” x 9.5”, weighs less than 17 pounds
• With double tool holder
• Uses Cricut Design software
• With Smart Set Dial
• Cuts 100+ materials
• With German carbide premium blade
• Connects via embedded Bluetooth or via USB
• Available in a variety of colors (Mint, Persimmon, Matte Black and Cherry Blossom)

Pros & Cons

• Can cut more materials like cardboard, paper, fabric, faux leather, cardstock and more
• Can upload your design using Cricut Design app/software
• Smart Set Dial lets you adjust cutting and scoring depth with ease
• Connects Android and iPhone devices via Bluetooth or USB
• Cuts efficiently with German carbide premium blades
• With double tool holder to hold two tools at a time

• Some designs from the Cricut Design app are not free
• Is not too wide to accommodate larger or wider materials.

Final Word

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a cutting machine that will help you cut through different materials with just one pass of the arm. It has a double tool assembly that can carry two tools at once (rotary blade and scoring tool); you will save a lot of time making projects.

This cutting machine connects to a Cricut Design software/app so you can use this machine to cut your own personalized designs. The app has a vast library of designs you can use with most designs free to use. It may not take wider and thicker materials but still is a good investment for any DIY crafter this 2020.

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9 Best Laser Cutters and Engravers to Buy in 2020

SUNCOO 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

Laser cutters and engravers are highly functional machines that produce beautiful crafted items. They are so versatile that they can be used on anything to improve its aesthetic appeal. They also can decorate your place into the new level. You can even use them for the purpose of improving your enterprise.

Laser CuttersOrion Motor Tech Laser Engraving Machine – Image from Amazon

Buying Guide

The machine is great to own if you want to start a business related to that or if you just simply enjoy creating artistic masterpieces. In that sense, knowing what kind of laser cutter and engraver to buy depends on certain factors such as size, purpose, and power. The best kind of laser cutters and engravers can penetrate metal if you prefer heavy-duty machines. However, if you simply need one for decorative purposes, a small and affordable engraver is enough. Here are our top 9 laser cutters and engravers in the market:

1. Orion Motor Tech 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

Orion Motor Tech CO2 Laser

Orion Motor Tech CO2 area is 12″ x 8″ or 300mm x 200mm. It is capable to carve or cut through most materials such as leather, crystal, wood, paper, plastic, cloth, and even glass. However, It will not work on any metals.

It is compatible with Window 10, 8, 7(32-bit, 64-bit), XP or 2000, yet it doesn’t compatible with any iOS systems. Orion Motor Tech CO2 work well with most designing programs that were specifically designed for engraving and cutting.

Conclusion: The Orion Motor Tech 40W is a capable machine that is high quality enough to work through most engraving tasks. In that sense, it is best used for mid-level designs and materials. The best part is that it also come with a ventilation Fan.

• It is a versatile machine that is compatible with a lot of software and operating systems.
• The ventilation fan lessens the dangers and hazards that smoke and heat can cause.

• It doesn’t have the biggest surface as it measures only about 12″ x 8″.
• Isn’t compatible with iOS or Mac devices.
• Can’t cut through hard surfaces such as metal. It can work on glass, however.

2. TEN-HIGH 4040

TEN-HIGH 4040 400x400mm

TEN-HIGH 40-40 isn’t only aesthetically pleasing with its beautiful design but it is also a highly-functional machine that is able to engrave on almost any types of material with advanced precision. And the good part is that it is easy to use.

One of its main features is that the laser’s size can be adjusted depending on the design or pattern. This means that you will be able to get your ideal design or pattern no matter how large or small the details or the texts are. It is even as accurate as .01mm.

Conclusion: When it comes to precision and accuracy, not a lot of laser cutters and engravers can match this one. It is certainly a top choice if you value those factors above any other.

• Top-of-the-line precision.
• Made out of high-end materials that makes the machine feel premium and durable.
• Cost-effective in the sense that it is efficient when it comes to time and power consumption.

• Not as big as the other engravers
• Not the strongest laser as it can barely work on aluminum and other materials that are similarly strong.

3. TEN-HIGH 3020

TEN-HIGH 3020 12"x 8" 40W

Another great machine by Ten-high, the 3020 works on most non-metal materials and surfaces such as bamboo, wood, plastic, paper, cloth, and also leather. The beam diameter can be less than .5mm or even .01mm depending on the design you are using. And because this is a non-contact laser cutter and engraver, it makes sure that your material’s surface won’t get damaged.

The 3020 also has a smoother yet more powerful cutting system that makes the entire engraving process clean, stable, and precise. And because this laser cutter is made with premium materials, it can last to up to 10 years even when used regularly.

Conclusion: This is a high-precision laser cutter and engraver that does its job really well for a cost that isn’t even as much as the other competitors.

• Works well with precision and can perform on par with the more advanced models.
• Engraves without making contact to minimize the risk of damage.

• At 12″ x 8″, the engraving area is rather small compared to the other models.
• Not strong enough to handle harder materials.

4. TopDirect 3000mW Laser Engraving Machine

TopDirect 3000mW Laser Engraving Machine

This is a low-end and low-budget laser engraving machine that can smaller tasks at a price that’s much more affordable than most of its other competitors. In that sense, it is better suited when engraving or cutting small items. On top of that, it is a lightweight model that can easily be carried around.

While this might be a low-end model, it can still work well when engraving or cutting through surfaces such as plastic, wood, rubber, leather, bamboo, and paper. That said, it is best used for household use and for making decorations rather than for heavy-duty tasks.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a laser cutters or engravers that serves the purpose of doing easier and smaller tasks, this is one of the best machines you can consider on the market. It is best for personal uses such as making greeting cards or improving decorations.

• It is light enough model that can be brought and carried around anywhere.
• Great for DIY tasks.

• Too small for large tasks and materials.
• Cannot cut through harder materials and surfaces such as metal or glass.
• Does not work for all types of computer software.

5.​ SUNCOO 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

SUNCOO 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

First of all, this laser engraver by SUNCOO is so versatile that it can work on almost any material or surface. This includes plastic, leather, wood, rubber, acrylic, or plywood. It is also a high-precision machine because of the advanced laser beam cutting technology it uses.

Furthermore, if you are worried about smoke, then SUNCOO C02 laser has you covered. It has a good ventilation system that extracts all of the smoke produced so that you won’t have to worry about triggering the smoke alarm. It also decreases the machine’s temperature to lengthen its own lifespan.

Additionally, this engraver works well with most printers and scanners that allow you to use it in conjunction with your computer.

Conclusion: It is one of the best on the market in terms of overall versatility and functionality.

• Easy to use.
• No worrying about the smoke.
• Compatible with Windows components such as printers and scanners.

• Software is a little hard to understand.
• Looks a little crude.

6.​ TEN-HIGH Small-Size 430 Laser Engraver

TEN-HIGH CO2 engrave machine

With an engraving area that is approximately 15″ x 12″, the TEN-HIGH 430 is quite a functional machine with a large enough surface that can be used for a lot of materials. In fact, it can carve or cut through materials such as leather, plywood, cloth, paper, wood, glass, and bamboo.

Safety is also one of the main features of this laser cutter and engraver. Not only does it have an effective ventilation fan that exhausts smoke but it also has a safety water valve that prevents excess heat and burning as the laser works to engrave through the material. And when you open the cover, the laser also automatically stops emitting to make sure that everything stays safe as much as possible.

Conclusion: A highly functional engraving machine that focuses on safety, the TEN-HIGH 430 is one of the best machines you can have if you want to minimize the risk of burning through your engraving tasks.

• The engraving area isn’t too large but it’s big enough for a lot of tasks.
• Can cut through a lot of materials except metal.
• Great exhaust and anti-burning system make it one of safest engraving machines on the market.

• Not strong enough to cut through harder surfaces such as metal.
• Difficult to clean and remove the machine components.

7. TEN-HIGH Upgraded Version 50W CO2 400x600mm

TEN-HIGH Upgraded Version CO2 400x600mm

This machine carries an industrial-level laser head that can cut through almost any kind of surface material. In that sense, it is a pretty versatile laser cutter or engraver that is best used for industrial purposes. To that end, it is easy to use, does not take up a lot of time, and is as quiet as any laser cutters can be.

Heat also isn’t a big issue when it comes to this machine. This is because it has a temperature control display that allows you to monitor how hot the machine has become. The best part about that is that it has a cooling system that minimizes the risk of overheating this machine.

Conclusion: It is best used for large-scale laser cutting and engraving tasks. In that sense, it is a machine that is great for businesses.

• Surface space, at 15″ x 24″, is large enough for big tasks.
• Water cooling system minimizes the risk of overheating and damaging the machine.

• The instructions aren’t clear and easy enough to understand.
• Might be too large and expensive for smaller tasks.

8. Meterk Portable Laser Engraver Printer

Laser Engraver Printer, Meterk 1500mW

Meterk Portable Laser Engraver Printer, as the name suggests, is a low-end portable machine that serves the purpose of doing easier and lighter tasks. To that end, it is a basic machine that can do small engraving jobs that befit its affordable price tag.

Another feature this machine has is its wireless capabilities. You can simply connect it to your device via Bluetooth so that you can do your engraving tasks without the data line limiting you. It also comes with an exhaust fan that fumes out all of the smoke. And, finally, it has a built-in rechargeable battery that adds convenience to this lightweight machine.

Conclusion: It is a basic machine that is small, light, and easy to use. It is best used for simple tasks and for smaller materials.

• Light and easy to carry.
• Can be connected to your device via Bluetooth.
• The rechargeable battery lasts for quite a long time.

• The engraving surface is too small for higher-end and larger tasks.
• Not too strong to cut through metal.

9. SUNWIN 40X50CM USB Desktop Laser Engraving Machine


This machine by Sunwin is a low-end and affordable laser engraver that is best used for smaller tasks. That said, it isn’t ideal for commercial tasks and is best used for handmade works and homemade decorative items as it can only cut through wood, paper, bamboo, plastic, and leather.

This material is made from high-quality durable materials that help make it last longer than most affordable laser cutters and engravers.

Conclusion: It is a great laser engraving machine that can do low-level and small tasks better than most other affordable types.

• Versatile enough to cut through a lot of materials and surfaces.
• Durable and can last for quite a long time despite being cheap and affordable.

• Difficult to use for beginners.
• Isn’t as compact and as light as most other affordable and low-end laser cutters.

General Conclusion:
While choosing a great laser cutter and engraver depends on a lot of factors, the one thing you need to consider the most is for what purpose are you going to be using it for. In that sense, it will be easier for you to weed out the one that you probably won’t be needing or the ones that are too expensive for your use. It all depends on that factor. From then on, choosing the best laser cutter and engraver based on specs and on price will be a breeze.

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10 Best Highly Refined Sewing Machine Oil to Buy in 2020

Liberty Oil Synthetic Oil

A sewing machine is a valuable and quite expensive asset. The best sewing machine will guarantee a smooth, hassle-free operation each time you use your unit. Regular lubrication and maintenance will help a lot in keeping your sewing machine up and running for years while protecting the internal parts against persistent friction.

A sewing machine is made of steel. Its internal parts are moving to let you perform and complete different sewing projects. Undue friction affects the internal parts of a sewing machine, decreasing their efficiency and destroying them in the end.

In the long run, you will notice something wrong in the performance of your sewing machine. You may find it struggling to move fast and even damage the expensive textiles.

By using the right oil for your sewing machine, it will be protected against excessive friction. It will protect the metallic components of your machine and extend their lifespan. Besides, the right sewing oil will increase your machine’s efficiency and productivity.

Here are your top choices for sewing machine oils.

#1. Liberty Oil Synthetic Oil

Liberty Oil Synthetic Oil

Liberty Oil is 100% synthetic that comes in a 1-fluid ounce bottle together with a tip dispenser made of stainless steel. It aims to outperform any other oils within the market.

It consists of 2 friction modifiers that will bond and shield the metallic parts of your machine while reducing wear and friction. The bottles use soft plastic called LDPE for easy squeezing.

The 1.5” 18-gauge needle tip that is of the pharmaceutical standard. Also, this synthetic oil comes with a Luer lock cap that guarantees zero oil leakage from the bottle and cap.

Conclusion Liberty Oil Synthetic Sewing Machine Oil is easy to use. It helps a lot in keeping your machine protected. You can check out our guide for the best industrial sewing machines for a wide range of serging projects.

• 60-days money back guarantee
• Accurate application
• Prevents oxidation, rust, and friction

• Slightly odorous

#2. Zoom-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oil

Zoom-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oil

This product is a highly refined and non-detergent sewing machine oil that can help a lot in keeping your unit well-maintained. Zoom-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oil one of the best oils to use for sewing machines because it’s clear and pure. Therefore, it is suitable for textile machines. You can even use it for home and industrial machines.

Zoom-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oil will help ensure that your sewing machine is always in good condition. Therefore, you can hope for a smooth and enhanced performance each time you use your sewing machine.

Conclusion Zoom-SPOUT Sewing Machine Oil is clear and pure, so it’s safe to use for both home and industrial machines. Its purity is one thing that made it a compelling choice. Also, you can check out our guide for the best sewing basket.

• Non-detergent
• Refined
• Clear and pure
• Guarantees smooth performance

• Bottle leak issues experienced by some users

#3. SINGER 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil

SINGER 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil

If you are looking for an all-purpose, exclusive oil for a sewing machine, then SINGER 2131E could be the right choice for you. This product is capable of keeping the machine’s operation smooth and enhanced. At the same time, it improves the performance of your sewing machine without asking for too much effort from you for the oiling procedure.

SINGER 2131E will protect the metallic parts of the machine against rust and eliminate friction. This oil is suitable for both sewing and knitting machines, PCs, vacuum cleaners, typewriters, bicycle gears, and many more. SINGER 2131E is one of the best all-purpose machine oils in the market today.

So, for your household appliances and gadgets, this oil can be a good choice. It comes in a 4 oz. bottle.

Conclusion SINGER 2131E is truly a good all-purpose oil. It works not just in sewing machines but also in vacuum cleaners, computers, knitting machines, and many more. Its versatility has made it a compelling choice for most consumers. Also, you can check out our guide for the best SINGER sewing machines.

• All-purpose oil
• Improved, smooth performance
• Ideal for both sewing and knitting machines

• Some users claiming it to be toxic and hard to use on some sewing machines

#4. Lily White Sewing Machine Oil

Lily White Sewing Machine Oil Check

Lily White is among the most famous oils for sewing machines in the market today. It’s one of the best oils due to its low thickness and translucent color. Therefore, this sewing machine oil is suitable for lubricating the machines used for textiles like the sewing machines.

Lily White Sewing Machine Oil is extremely easy to use, so you have nothing to worry about over-oiling.

If you apply a huge amount of oil, it will not cause harm to your textiles and damage your pending sewing projects. Just make sure you wipe out the excess oil using a towel for smooth performance.

Conclusion If you’re a beginner and it’s your first time to buy a sewing machine, you will never go wrong with this product. Lily White Sewing Machine Oil is nice to use and affordable.

• Translucent
• Low viscosity
• Smooth performance
• Suitable for novices

• Drippy bottle

#5. 1 Quart Lily White Industrial Sewing Machine Oil

1 Quart Lily White Industrial Sewing Machine Oil

If you’re searching for high-quality sewing machine oil made in the US, you might be looking for this one. 1 Quart Lily White Industrial Sewing Machine Oil is perfect for high-speed industrial machines.

Though it is mainly intended for industrial purposes, this oil is also good to use for your home sewing machine. It offers safe and delicate care for your machine.

1 Quart Lily White Industrial Sewing Machine Oil offers low viscosity and translucent color for textile machines and parts. It is highly suitable to use for all machines used in fabrics, especially sewing machines. This oil is ideal to use for applications wherein oil may come in contact with the fabrics. We have also written a complete guide about the best mechanical sewing machines for multiple everyday sewing projects.

Conclusion 1 Quart Lily White Industrial Sewing Machine Oil is a multifunctional machine oil. It is not only affordable but easy to use, too.

• Affordably priced
• Easy to use
• Suitable for various purposes

• Comes with just a homemade label on its bottle

#6. Zoom Spout Sewing Machine Oiler

Zoom Spout Sewing Machine Oiler

Zoom Spout Sewing Machine Oiler is another all-purpose oiler for sewing machines that can help you a lot in taking care of your household appliances. This product is a transparent lubricating oil which will shield your machine against oxidation and rust.

Also, this sewing machine is non-gumming. It works great, especially in the hard-to-reach areas. Zoom Spout Sewing Machine Oiler is a popular choice among professionals and recommended by more and more users.

Conclusion Zoom Spout Sewing Machine Oiler is also a good choice when it comes to sewing machine oils because it’s an all-purpose kind. With that, you can use it for various applications without anything to worry.

• Clear lubricating oil
• Effective against oxidation and rust
• Ideal for hard-to-reach spots
• Highly recommended by experts

• Drippy bottle

#7. Supco CE441 Zoom Spout Oiler

Supco CE441 Zoom Spout Oiler

Supco CE441 Zoom Spout Oiler is also a nice choice device with the oil formulated for sewing machines. It ensures the smooth operation of your sewing machine every time you need to use it. This oil is easy to use. Just follow the directions provided and be amazed on the way it works.

Its bottle uses a zoom lid which will let you work on the hard to reach areas. This feature is very useful, especially when your fingers can’t get into. There’s a telescoping spout in the product that can work all over your machine.

The transparent bottle will tell you when replacement is necessary. It contains a light oil suitable to apply on the bearings of your machine.

Conclusion Supco CE441 Zoom Spout Oiler is a good oiler to use for any sewing machine. It’s easy to use. On top of that, it helps improve the operation of a sewing machine.

• Easy to use
• Delivers smooth operation
• Works on hard-to-reach areas

• Expensive than other similar products

#8. Liquid Wrench L1004 Light Machine Oil

Liquid Wrench L1004 Light Machine Oil

If you are looking for a light grade oil for your sewing machine, then you must consider this product. Liquid Wrench L1004 Light Machine Oil is a light-grade non-detergent machine that comes in a 4 oz. squeeze bottle.

This product is from a reputable brand – Liquid Wrench. It is a local family-owned firm based in Charlotte, NC. Liquid Wrench L1004 Light Machine Oil ensures superior and consistent performance for your sewing machine.

Conclusion Liquid Wrench L1004 Light Machine Oil is a universal machine oil that you can use for different purposes. It works not just for sewing machines but even for skateboards, RC cars, and more.

• Good bottle design
• Works great for sewing machines
• Usable for other purposes

• No needle tip included

#9. Liquid Bearings Synthetic Lubricant

Liquid Bearings Synthetic Lubricant

This product is another excellent example of a synthetic oil made for sewing machines. Liquid Bearings Synthetic Lubricant promises to keep a sewing machine moving and working fast. Also, it can help a lot in protecting your machine oil against corrosion and rust.

Compared to Petro-oils, it does not attract dirt. It does not become gummy, too. With this, rest assured your sewing machine will always run smoothly. No stalling and ultra-low speeds.

Liquid Bearings Synthetic Lubricant comes in a 2 oz. bottle – a perfect size for home machines. It is so easy to apply as well because the package already includes ½”, 1 ½”, and 3” twist-on pharmaceutical-grade needles made of stainless steel.

Also, this sewing machine oil does not have any type of smell, especially the overpowering one. Since it is synthetic lubricating oil, this oil is truly plastic-safe and will never cause damages to painted surfaces of your sewing machine.

Plus, a lifetime money-back guarantee backs up Liquid Bearings Synthetic Lubricating oil. That means you can get your money back anytime you want.

Conclusion Liquid Bearings Synthetic Lubricant is truly a good example of a synthetic sewing machine oil. It’s safe to use, so you don’t have to worry in case the oil touches any part of your machine.

• Effective against corrosion and rust
• Does not attract dirt
• Works great at ultra-low speeds

• Comes in a small 2 oz. bottle

#10. Garment Center Sewing Supplies 4 oz. Sewing Machine Oil

Garment Center Sewing Supplies 4 oz. Sewing Machine Oil

This sewing machine oil is clean and pure. You can use it in all metallic parts of your sewing machine. Its long spout can reach the entire areas of your machine. It also keeps the sewing machine in its good condition.

This sewing machine oil from Garment Center Sewing Supplies improves the operation of your device while giving the protection it needs against wear with regular use. It guarantees to add several years to your machine’s lifespan. Read our latest guide about the best portable sewing and quilting machines.

Conclusion The sewing machine oil from Garment Center Sewing Supplies is a good lubricant. This oil is pure and clean. The spout is long enough, so it can easily reach the entire parts of your machine.

• Clean and pure
• Good spout
• Usable

• Comes in a small 4 oz. bottle

Final Conclusion

You should know by now the real value of using a good synthetic sewing machine oil regularly. This oil is important as it promotes the efficiency of sewing machines, so it can help expand the lifespan of your sewing machine.

Therefore, taking good care of a sewing machine is very important so that it can run and work at its best each time you use it. The key is using the best sewing machine oil for your machine.

By choosing the best oil, you will enjoy the smoother performance and improved productivity. Good-quality synthetic oil will last long as you just need a small amount of oil to maintain the interior parts’ condition.

Be sure that you buy a good product that is capable of protecting your precious sewing machine against rust, abrasion, and corrosion. Using the wrong oil to your machine is not a good thing as it can trigger irreversible damage to your machine.

These top 10 choices for sewing machine oils have those what it takes to be an exceptional choice. Consider your sewing machine and its needs. Then look for the synthetic machine with decent quality that can suit those needs.

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7 Best Vinyl Sticker Machines in 2020 – Perfect For Creativity DIY Project

Silhouette Cameo 4 with Bluetooth

Things to Consider When Looking for Vinyl Sticker Machines

Creating stickers is done by experts and hobbyists. Aside from the sense of accomplishment, making your choice of sticker would be comparably cost-effective. You get the convenience of choosing your design, size, and more. Many people are also concentrating on this craft because they get promising earnings from it. However, one of the most challenging tasks is to choose the right vinyl sticker machine.

There are plenty of options available in the market nowadays, and many would fight for being the best. Nevertheless, in reality, not all these options are would make good choices. This is the reason why it crucial to practice proper diligence when aiming to buy a product. Here is some list of the best vinyl sticker machines in the market to guide you with your selection.

#1. Silhouette Cameo 4 with Bluetooth

Silhouette Cameo 4 with Bluetooth

Silueta Cameo 4 is an exceptional technology that offers amazing features. Compared to Cameo 3, this machine has been proven to operate thrice faster. You can do deep cuts on wood, leather, and metal. It exhibits a remodeled dual carriage, which is notable alike to the Cricut Maker. Tools such as a rotary blade cut are used, which makes the cutting of fabric an easy accomplishment.

For beginners, you may be contemplating using the touch interface. Nowadays, everything is set to be a touch screen, and that includes the Silueta Cameo 4. You may take the pleasure of using the roller feeder, vinyl cutters, and the vinyl crosscutter. These are all essential components of Silueta Cameo 4, which makes it very suitable for many users.

Conclusion: Silueta Cameo 4 is perfect for creators and crafters who work hard to make their styles really excel. This vinyl sticker machine is more suitable for progressive crafters; however, anyone can find a way to easily use this machine in just a few sessions of practice. You can also check out our list of the best sticker maker for more optional.

• Easy to use touch interface
• Fast and accurate cuts
• Powerful
• Vinyl roll feeder is very accessible for usage

• Unavailable USB input
• The new storage area is smaller than the older machines

#2. Cricut Explore Air 2, Cherry Blossom

Cricut Explore Air 2, Cherry Blossom

Cricut Explore Air 2 is an impressive machine, and a great operating machine to try on. It easily through the touch of a button to display the tool holders. It has a Smart Set Dial that easily turns to choose your material, instantly choosing the cutting depth and speed. It has a double tool holder that allows the user to cut and emboss or cut and draw in just one run. It has a 2x fast mode, which implies that you will take a shorter time to watch and wait for the machine to complete the projects.

The machine also comes with built-in Bluetooth. This implies that it is set for wireless cutting. The first Cricut Explore needed a particular adapter to be bought and installed to connect to the Bluetooth and be able to cut wireless.

Conclusion: Generally, the Cricut Explore Air 2 is no doubt one of the most visibly dazzling vinyl cutters anyone can find. More essentially, its evocative, modernized body structure is mechanically well-designed. This machine, along with its design, can last long. We also have a list of the best laminating machines that you might like to check.

• Superior quality components
• Affordable
• Easy to use
• Beautiful style
• Perfect for small businesses

• Slow Design Space software
• Width is only 12 inches

#3. Silhouette Cameo 3 Bluetooth Starter Bundle with 26 Oracal 651 Sheets

Silhouette Cameo 3 White Bluetooth Starter Bundle

This is another superior bundle offered by the Silhouette Cameo 3 that is outfitted with a Manufacturer’s Warranty, Touchscreen, and Bluetooth. There is no need to get worried about your lost internet connection to use the cutting machine. The 26 Oracal 651 sheets measure 12 x 12 inches each, amplifying the ink of the past Silhouette Pens. It is made available with a roll of superior transfer tape. This bundle brags its feature for the auto blade, suiting the cut job material. Moreover, it also comes with a cutting mat that measures 12 x 12 inches. It also has a hook tool, vinyl trimmer, scraper tool, and ratchet adjustment tool.

Conclusion: You can also take the pleasure of maximizing the 100 designs that come with this bundle. This machine is recommended to many users because of its bonus designs, superior performance, and reliable product support and customer service. You can also improve your aptitudes with the Silhouette School, which gives a guide for vinyl application printed with colored photos. Also, you can check out our guide for the best paper transfers for indoor/outdoor vinyls.

• Easy installation
• Greatly supported by Facebook and YouTube
• User-friendly

• Some issues on Bluetooth connectivity

#4. Cricut Maker, Champagne

Cricut Maker, Champagne

The Cricut Maker, champagne version, demonstrates the distinctiveness of the vinyl cutting machine. This machine secures a storage room for additional accessories. However, remember that the storage is not sufficiently wide to keep all the things you require in it. This machine is intended to cut designs and shapes from different kinds of materials, fabrics, and papers. Seemingly, this machine is able to cut over 100 kinds of various materials.

Cricut Maker has this rotary blade. This progressive blade will let you cut shapes and patterns with amazing accuracy in any type of fabric possible. With this rotary blade, you can work on any type of tissue, from the delicate silk fabrics to the thickest ones such as the canvasses.

Conclusion: The champagne version of Cricut Maker is an advanced technology, more precise, more adept, and more economical compared to the manual scissor procedure.

• 2x faster mode for paper and vinyl
• Permits Bluetooth connections
• Excellent performer on thick materials
• 10x the cutting efficiency of other Cricut machines
• Integrated iPhone/iPad installed on top of the machine

• Not wide enough to hold large items
• The knife blade is not included
• Limited usage of the software

#5. BROTHER CM350E ScanNCut2 with ScanNCut Online Activation Card


BROTHER ScanNCut is a particular technology that excels from other vinyl cutting machines because of its remarkable characteristics by offering an LCD touchscreen display and a built-in scanner. The scanner attached in this machine can help you captivate anyone with its appealing, unique, and artistic designs. Scanning of images on the screen is done by easily connecting it wirelessly to your tablet or PC to draw and then cut various impressions and outlines with carefulness. Further, the ScanNCut Online Activation Card helps you transmit data from the workplace going to the machine through your tablet or PC. It is sculpted with a 4.85-inch large and colorful screen. It has 7 available lettering fonts, 100 Quilt designs, and 631 built-in designs.

Conclusion: The use of BROTHER ScanNCut is truly impressive. Combined with its impressive features and powerful characteristics, anyone would get attracted to this machine.

• User-friendly
• Wireless model
• Outfitted with ScanNCut technology
• Unlimited combinations of cutting, coloring, and embossing

• Cannot cut fabric well
• Cannot cut from a vinyl roll
• Some issues on registration

#6. Silhouette Portrait 2 Starter Bundle

Silhouette Portrait 2 Starter Bundle

The Silhouette Portrait 2 Starter Bundle is the improvised version of the Portrait 1. This machine bundles with the recent technologies of Cameo 3. Some of the most wanted technologies are AutoBlade and Bluetooth connectivity. Considering the fact that this machine is packed with many features, it still supervises to stay highly handy and lightweight.

Bluetooth compatibility is one of my favorite features. As a matter of fact, this feature has contributed to the portability of the machine because you do not have to secure any cables to connect your phone or computer to operate it. Just activate the Bluetooth, and you should be able to send the files. The AutoBlade is an instinctive characteristic that deals with various things in facilitating you achieve the right settings regardless of the material being used.

Conclusion: Silhouette Portrait 2 Starter Bundle is popular for being flexible and small. If you are searching for something that is able to cut up to 100 materials and utilizes a PixScan technology regardless of being small, then this machine would do just fine for you. One of the best parts also is that the AutoBlade already comes along with the machine.

• Small but efficient
• Easy to store
• User-friendly software
• Bluetooth compatible
• Has AutoBlade feature
• Does not require internet to use the software of Silhouette design

• Limited width for cutting
• Cutting force is limited to 210 grams

#7. Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit

Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit

Sizzix Big Shot is a common machine that aims both the skilled and inexperienced users. It is user-friendly, and it produces an output that is comparably good. It cuts numerous materials such as vinyl without encountering any concern. With the use of this machine, you can create home decors, decals, invitation cards, greeting cards, and more. It cuts precisely fair and holds and width that goes up to 6 inches.

Conclusion: You may find this machine a bit basic compared to other machines; however, it can show impressive results. It is economical to use, and it also brags of safe materials. By ensuring proper care and handling, this machine is expected to last longer.

• User-friendly
• Does not need electricity to operate
• Compact
• Needs minimal space
• Does not have any harmful or toxic compounds

• Not applicable for materials with a width that is over 6 inches

10 Best Fabric Glues in 2020 – Permanent Fabric Adhesive

Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue

Are you looking for a product that will serve as an alternative to your sewing tools? Using fabric glues might help. It’s an adhesive product that allows you to laminate fabrics together without having to use a thread and a needle. Using the best fabric glue will help those who keen on making DIY crafts as a hobby or a business opportunity.

Fabric GlueAleene’s 36116 Original Tacky Glue 3 – One Of The Best Fabric Glues – Image from Amazon

If you’re a serious crafter or hobbyist you will know that using a reliable fabric Adhesive will serve as a foundation of your project. Fabric glues also offers convenience as it lessens the time needed for sewing. And by individually sewing pieces together not only takes hours but it can also be ineffective and messy.

You can use the fabric glues not only on clothes but also on upholstery and other similar materials. These fabric Adhesive can be permanent or temporary and a lot of craft project makers invest in these. Whether you are creating decorations for special events, creating home décor, doing repairs on torn fabrics expect that at some time you will need a fabric glues in your life.

#1. Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

This premium quality fabric glue has always been a favorite among professional designers for how many decades. This adhesive has been known to not soak into the fabrics and is a lot easier to use than a glue gun as there is no heat or inconvenience. This fabric glue is used in the wedding industry, costume design, fashion, competitive dancewear and a whole lot more.

Fabri-Tac can also be used for practical use and at home, you can use it for a quick hem and repair your clothes. It works on different craft materials like leather, wood, fabrics, home décor, and wearable art. It’s been formulated for fast-grab, fast dry and flexibility.

Conclusion: The Fabri-Tac fabric glue is a great choice for any craft you can think of. It works on different materials and has been proven convenient to use for professionals or even at home. Also, you can check out our guide for the best fabric cutting machines by click here.

• Fast-dry
• Works on different craft materials
• Trusted choice by professionals
• Will not soak or stain your fabrics

• Not recommended for dry cleaning

#2. Odif USA 505 Spray and Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive

Odif USA 505 Spray and Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive

This fabric adhesive is used to temporarily bond fabrics. This is a great item to keep in your home as it is odorless, colorless, no mist and you won’t need any sewing needles. It is also acid-free.

This Odif USA Temporary Fabric Adhesive is an excellent use for holding the fabric to stabilizers in machine embroidery and hemming. You can use this for machine applique, quilting, and basting.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a quick fix on your fabric mishaps, then you should try this product out. It strongly holds your fabric temporarily and allows you to do your basting your quilts easily. You can also check out our list of the best die cutting machines by go to this page.

• Holds the quilts securely
• Works for any type of fabric
• Does not gum up the sewing machine
• Doesn’t have any funny-smelling odor

• Nozzles can get clogged up easily

#3. Dritz Home Liquid Adhesive

Dritz Home Liquid Adhesive

The Dritz Home Liquid Adhesive gives a permanent clear bond once it dries up. This odor-free adhesive can easily attach quilts together and work with any craft material. You can use this to attach different decors in your home.

This water-soluble adhesive cleans up with water before drying up. You can expect this adhesive to give a strong hold even after how many washes.

Conclusion: If you’re thinking of putting different decorations in your home you may want to use this liquid adhesive to give you a stronghold. This should be a must-have in any home as it sticks together any type of craft material.

• Has a permanent clear bond once dried
• Works great for any craft material
• Odorless
• Sticks to all kinds of fabrics

• Not as Flexible as the other Fabric Glues

#4. Elmer’s Fabric Glue

Elmer’s Fabric Glue

The Elmer’s Fabric Glue came from a household brand that has been trusted for how many years. This fabric glue is ideal for home decorations, projects, holiday ornaments or even handmade gifts that will surely add charm in your events. This product will surely be appreciated by both adults and kids alike for making arts and crafts projects.

You can use this for all fabric types and paper projects. It also dries clear and washing will not affect adhesion. The bond is permanent with Elmer’s Fabric Glue once it dries up. If you’re bothered with moist glue, you can easily wash this with soap and water.

Conclusion: The Elmer’s Fabric Glue has been trusted by professionals and those doing crafts in their homes. You can never go wrong with this one as it gives a permanent hold regardless of the fabric or paper you use. You can use this for any craft you think of.

• Ideal for all home decorations
• Can be used for all fabric and paper project
• Gives permanent bond
• Wash will not affect adhesion

• Sometimes give off a light white finish

#5. Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue

You will never confuse this Tacky Glue with other fabric glues in the market as it comes with a classic gold bottle which reflects the standard of excellence customers can expect. For 50 years, Aleene’s Original Tack Glue has given crafters and hobbyists a premium-quality and dependable adhesive.

This can be used even for your kids’ crafts, DIY and hobby projects, and even household repairs. It has a formula that dries clear, permanent and super strong. You can easily clean this up with soap and water before drying. This has also been proven safe, non-toxic and has a low odor.

Conclusion: This is an incredibly versatile adhesive that works on most craft surfaces and can be used even by your kids in their craft projects. This is a great choice if you’re a crafter or a hobbyist working on your next masterpiece.

• Safe, non-toxic and has a low odor
• Dries clear permanently
• Has an Ultra tacky formula that holds an item on contact
• Great for kids crafts

• May not work for some materials like hard plastic

#6. Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue

Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue

The Aleene’s super bonding gel goes on clear and dries crystal clear also. It has been proven to be environmentally safe and cleaning it is very easy; you can just use water. It comes with a squeezable bottle that is hand-friendly and super soft.

This tacky glue is all-purpose craft glue that you can use on florals to foam and from wood to ceramics. You should wait for 30 seconds before adhering the items to ensure maximum adhesion. This is the perfect product for creating your own DIY slime.

Conclusion: You can use this for different craft materials such as rhinestones, glitter, beads, and paper. It also lives up to its name by giving a clear, see-through placement that dries ultra-clear giving your project the focus it deserves.

• Environmentally safe, non-toxic
• Gives a permanent bond on a variety of surfaces
• Dries ultra clear
• Ideal for different home crafts

• May require real hard squeezing on the bottle

#7. Lineco Neutral pH Liquid Adhesive White

Lineco Neutral pH Liquid Adhesive White

This is an acid-free adhesive that comes in neutral PH and can be used in binding paper and book repairs. It’s formulated with easy to use polyvinyl acetate(PVA) formula that sets fast and remoistenable with water.

This is ideal for prints, photos, postcards or any paper projects you can think of. The Lineco Liquid Adhesive was made specifically for the preservation of materials so they will not become brittle for after a long time. It also adheres even to the most porous surfaces.

Conclusion: This is your go-to product if you’re working on paper products and want to preserve their state for a long time. Since this is an acid-free product, you don’t have to worry about injuring your skin while using it.

• Acid-free
• Fast setting formula
• Helps preserve materials
• Ideal for any paper item

• Stiff and Chunky

#8. Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive

Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive

The Aleene’s Quick Dry Permanent Fabric Adhesive is an easy alternative to using needles and thread. It’s very easy to apply and it also dries very quickly. It’s made with an advanced solvent-based formula that allows the adhered surfaces to remain flexible yet strong wash after wash.

You can expect that your adhered fabrics will remain flexible once it dries out, it will move with you and not against you. This permanently adheres a wide variety of fabrics such as cotton, flannel, leather, jersey and fabric embellishments such as trims, sequins, and beads.
The Aleene’s Fabric Fusion also gives off a clear, low odor and nonstinging formula that you can easily work with or you can wear easily.

Conclusion: This fabric adhesive will give you a permanent adhesive yet will remain flexible regardless of how many washes the garment has undergone. You can easily use this with different types of fabric and the accessories that come with it.

• Gives a permanent bond yet remains flexible
• Can be used in a wide variety of fabrics and accessories
• Clear, Low odor and Nonstinging formula
• Dries Quickly

• The formula dries too quickly that it becomes sticky and tacky

#9. Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive

Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive

This fabric and leather adhesive uses a powerful formula that quickly adheres any material it can penetrate. It creates a waterproof bond that’s strong enough for tents, boat covers, tarps, leather, convertible tops, and even your work clothes.

It is an all-natural, non-toxic fabric adhesive that forms a permanent bond commonly used for fabric, leather and vinyl repair good for both indoor and outdoor applications. The instant permanent bond only needs 3 minutes for a garment to be repaired.

It also gives a flexible bond that can be machine-washed that will not weaken. The durable and long-lasting formula using the adhesive power of natural latex makes it wash-proof and flexible. You also don’t have to worry about the product sticking to hard surfaces, you can remove the adhesive by simply rubbing it with your finger until the glue forms a ball.

Conclusion: This company uses renewable resources. This fabric and leather adhesive is made with a water-based formula that’s derived from natural later and other natural raw materials. If you’re looking for an adhesive that is strong enough to hold any craft materials and yet remain environmentally friendly, check this product out.

• Wash Proof and Flexible
• Easy to Use and Clean Up
• Instant Permanent Bond
• Water Based Formula

• Can be too runny and once it dries up, it will clog the nozzles

#10. Aleene’s Platinum Bond Adhesive Super Fabric

Aleene’s Platinum Bond Adhesive Super Fabric

You can expect your fabric projects to have a new best friend with the Aleene’s Platinum Bond Adhesive. It’s a glue that gives an industrial strength that works super-fast. You can expect this to permanently glue fabrics even the most heavy duty ones.

If you’re thinking of using embellishments on your fabrics, you can do so as this will give you a clear, flexible bond that will dry quickly. Your garments will also be machine-wash safe and you don’t have to worry about accessories falling apart using this adhesive.

Your garments will remain flexible as the adhesive will not give a stiff finish. You need to wait for 72 hours before washing the garment for optimum adherence.

Conclusion: This is a perfect use for any types of fabrics and it also lets you add accessories as a bonus. You can use this for a quick drying adhesive but still gives you a flexible bond.

• Gives a stronghold
• Ultra flexible
• Machine Washable
• Dries Clear

• Has a pungent smell

Final Conclusion

Looking for the best Fabric Glues will be solely dependent o how you’re going to use it. Look for the one that will fit all your needs and make sure you have done thorough research before purchasing one.

* You might like to check the portable sewing machines.

9 Best Paper Cutters and Trimmers in 2020 – Safe and Solidly Built

Binxin Paper Cutter A4 Heavy Duty 12″ Cut Length

If your work involves a lot of paper cutting then you should have the best paper cutters. Paper Cutter is designed to cut a large set of paper sheets all at once with a straight edge.

paper trimmerFirbon Paper Cutter – Image from Amazon

These are often found in classrooms and offices. Users should be very careful in using this as the blade is known to be very sharp. That’s why looking for the safest and solidly built paper cutter is of utmost importance. Here we have list of 9 best paper cutters and trimmers.

#1. Firbon Paper Cutter 12 inch Titanium Paper Trimmer

Firbon A4 Paper Cutter 12 Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer

If you’re looking for a paper cutters that works like a professional, this might be a good purchase for you. Tagged as a professional guillotine and this will definitely give you clean straight cuts along any printed line. Don’t expect to feel any dragging effect unless of course, you’ll have to change the blades. But don’t worry as blades are easy to replace once they become blunt.

This paper trimmer is designed to cut almost any paper materials from A3, A4, A5 Paper, Photos, Cards, and even laminated stuff. Accurate measurement with a 45-degree to a 90-degree angle will ensure you that you’re cutting is precise. You also can bring this anywhere as this is lightweight and convenient and user-friendly especially for children; only works when the blade is pressed. This is an ideal tool for cutting any craft projects great for you and your kids.

Conclusion: Perfect companion for your home, school, and office. Doing craft projects such as wedding invitations or any specialty cards will be a breeze with the help of this. You can also check out our list of the best paper transfers.

• Versatile Making
• Accurate Measurement
• Portable and Safe
• Cuts any material made of paper

• You need to make sure the paper is lined up properly otherwise, the cut will be off.

#2. Swingline Paper Trimmer 15″ Cut Length

Swingline Paper Trimmer

This lite paper trimmer is very simple and easy to use. It comes with a sharp guillotine blade and a handy alignment grid and it’s light enough for easy transport. The 15” cutting length makes it a convenient choice for you most common paper cutting tasks. And this makes it the popular choice for both home and office.

The Swingline Paper Trimmer is designed to cut with accuracy. The alignment grid, dual scale ruler with inches and centimeters marks will be of great assistance. One good thing is that the guard rail keeps fingers safely away from the blade while using it. This one also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Conclusion: Great choice for anyone looking for a precision cut that ensures the measurement is accurate. We also have a list of the best heat transfer viynl that you might like to check.

• Gives you a steady grip and precise cut
• Can be easily transported
• Self-sharpening, steel blade
• Durable yet lightweight

• Can only cut 10 pieces of paper at a time

#3. Homdox A2-B7 Paper Cutter Guillotine

Homdox A2-B7 Paper Cutter Guillotine

This high-quality and durable paper cutter is made of high-quality steel and plastic. Its solid metal base and sturdy blades make accurate and straight cuts. It’s also portable and you never have to worry about it getting deformed or broken. This guillotine cutting can cut up to 10 sheets at once.

The alignment grid and ruler give you an accurate measurement, cuts easy and safe and you never have to worry about getting a finger cut. A good feature is that you can lock the blade on the locking device when you don’t use it. Both professional and regular individuals will find this useful, it’s perfect for office, school, church, and businesses.

Conclusion: This paper cutter guillotine is the best choice for any business you have that deals with paper cutting. The adjustable paper guide gives you an easy advantage for repetitive cuts.

• Precise, straight cuts every time
• Super sharp blade
• Lightweight
• Alignment grid for different paper sizes

• Might shred parts of your paper

#4. Fiskars 01-005452 Recycled Bypass Trimmer 12 Inch

Fiskars 01-005452 Recycled Bypass Trimmer 12 Inch

This paper trimmer is great when you have loads of papers to cut. You can use this for cutting fliers, handouts, invitations and other heavy materials. This is also a green way to cut your papers as the trimmer base is made from 100% recycled post-consumer resin. Another good feature is that the blades never need to be replaced as they are self-sharpening.

You can also accurately align projects prior to cutting with the help of precision printed scale. And it can cut up to 10 sheets of 20lb copy paper.

Conclusion: Highly recommended for those who have a business that gives out fliers or pamphlets, your lives will definitely become easier because of this.

• Great for heavy use
• Self-sharpening blades
• Has cutting arm lock
• Has anti-skid rubber feet for stability

• Cuts are not that straight

#5. Marigold Paper Guillotine 12″ Metal Base Plate Paper Trimmer

Marigold Paper Guillotine 12″ Metal Base Plate Paper Trimmer

The Marigold Paper Trimmer has a durable and solid metal base plate that makes it lightweight, easily portable and can never be deformed and broken. It can cut up to 10 sheets of paper or 1 sheet of 10mil laminating pouch. It has a built-in translucent protective guard that holds the paper in place. The non-sharpened cutting arm makes this paper trimmer safe for use by children

The alignment grid and metric/inches printing on the trimmer base provides the accurate measurements that you need. While the guillotine style blade gives you no problem cutting through thick materials. This can be used in any office environment; large and small.

Conclusion: This paper trimmer will definitely last you for years without thinking of damage. It gives you a precise, smart cutting for any type of projects that you will encounter.

• Durable yet lightweight
• Safe for Children
• Provides accurate measurements
• Suitable for both small and large projects

• Cutter works poorly for the first inch then will work fine after

#6. Mophorn Paper Cutter 19 inch A2 Commercial Heavy Duty Guillotine Trimmer

Mophorn Paper Cutter 19 inch A2 Commercial Heavy Duty Guillotine Trimmer

This is the cutter for your large project needs since this can cut up to 300 sheets of 20lb bond paper. The automatic safety lock will prevent cutting until it is released. You also have the option if you want to re-sharpen the blade or have it replaced completely. This commercial quality paper trimmer is constructed to last and perform with the help of its accurate paper holding.

If you want a well-balanced and a stable platform for the cutter, you can opt to use the optional back support/extension table. And with its wide range of uses, this makes the perfect fit for your office, schools, printing houses and business and for both professional and regular users.

Conclusion: The Mophorn Paper Cutter is the best choice for anyone looking to cut papers for business purposes. Although this is also great for simple and personal use, the durability of this can provide you with all your great paper cutting needs.

• Large Cutting Size
• Automatic Safety Lock
• Accurate Paper Holding
• Wide Range of Uses

• Cuts are not always straight

#7. Binxin Paper Cutter A4 Heavy Duty 12″ Cut Length

Binxin Paper Cutter A4 Heavy Duty 12″ Cut Length

The Binxin Paper cutter is made of high-quality steel and plastic. The durable solid metal base and sturdy blades will give you accurate straight cuts, makes it easier to be transported and it’s not going to be deformed and broken. This paper cutter is also designed to give guillotine cutting for up to 10 sheets all at once. The adjustable paper guide is made for your repetitive cuts and the alignment grid together with the ruler printing is meant to give an accurate measurement that makes cutting easy and safe.

You can always lock the blade on the safety locking device when you’re not using the trimmer. This is also ideal to use to cut photo, labels, cards, and more paper products. And it can be used in any type of environments such as offices, schools, churches, and business.

Conclusion: This is one of the best paper cutters to purchase if you really want to have a durable, high-quality paper trimmer that will fit any paper cutting needs you have.

• Alignment grid and ruler for accurate measurements
• Efficient
• High-quality
• Can be used in any paper projects

• The cut may not always be clean

#8. VViVid Rot8 12″ Lightweight Sliding Rotary Paper Cutter and Trimmer

VViVid Rot8 12

The VViViD Rot 12” Paper Cutters is also considered one of the best paper cutters on the market. For one it is rail mounted and has a sliding blade that rotates when it’s in use. This feature allows you to get great cuts every single time you use the paper cutter and keeps the edge sharper longer. Given this feature, you will be surprised that it’s extremely lightweight and compact that makes it incredibly convenient to use in any area.

The highly durable plastic surface gives a detailed, ruled guide that’s complete with angle measurement. The built-in safety rails and paper guard keeps your paper in place yet making it flexible enough to accommodate small stacks of paper. This is perfectly suits cutting paper, photographs, cardstock, Bristol board, burlap paper, and cardboard.

Conclusion: Highly recommended if you’re working on special types of paper materials including cardboard. You will not have to worry if this paper cutter can cut through thick materials because it sure can.

• A versatile tool for cutting paper
• Has a rotating circular blade
• Strong and rigid despite being lightweight
• Compact size

• Some blades might get easily broken

#9. Westcott 12″ Titanium Guillotine Trimmer

Westcott 12″ Titanium Guillotine Trimmer

A unique feature of the Wescott 12” Trimmer is the Titanium bonded blades that are 3x harder than stainless steel. It allows you to cut up to 10 sheets of 20lb paper. Its contemporary design is made for precision and performance for your home, office and school crafting cutting needs. It also has a safety guard that keeps your fingers away from the cutting area. It uses both US and metric measuring system on the alignment grid so you are assured of accurate measurement.

This is an ideal paper trimmer for medium duty cutting of paper, photos, and cardstock. Another good thing is that Westcott offers a 10-year limited warranty to this product.

Conclusion: The titanium blades sets this product apart from its competitors as this gives an assured cut to different types of papers. Highly recommended for those who need to have a different measuring system for easier cutting guidance.

• Titanium bonded blades
• Contemporary design
• Has a safety guard
• Uses both US and Metric System

• You may need to check on the blades that you get as some might not cut many papers at once.

Final Conclusion

Most of these paper cutters will function like how they’re supposed to. Choosing the best paper cutters/ trimmers that will work best is entirely dependent on how you’re going to use it. You may need a heavy duty for your business or just a simple cutter for your personal needs.