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You Can Do Your Own Nails Easily!

Best Nail Art Printer: One of the biggest trends for women is painting their nails. Not the way that our parents and grandparents would. We tend to see nails as an extension of our personality and paint accordingly. Tiny flowers, miniature cartoon characters, and fantastic designs are all within your reach.

In the past, we believed that the only way to get gorgeous nails was to visit a nail salon. Then we discovered that we could do it at home with dotting tools and other manicure sets. Now, you can do it with even more ease by using a nail art printer.

We decided to put it to the test so that we could try to find the best nail art printer. You can see what we have learned by reading our review of two wonderful machines.


1. Automatic Smart 3D Multifunction Intelligent Nail Printer Machine

1. Automatic Smart 3D Multifunction Intelligent Nail Printer Machine

This printing machine promises to print any pattern or design you could want on your nails. It can do it in any color. All you need is natural nails and nail tips. You can download your own images and ideas, or you have the option to download a design that you like. Either way, as soon as you have the image, the machine will be ready to print. You can even print full-color photos onto your fingernails.

The Automatic Smart nail printer is easy to move and very portable. It weighs only 8.0kg. This will make it easy for you to carry it to any event where someone may want great nails, including weddings, vacations, and more.

One of the best features of this machine is its simplicity. It is easy to use and saves time over traditional painting techniques. It is also reasonably quick to use, which many people will appreciate. Most of your time will be spent preparing your nails. It only takes 20 seconds per nail to print any design, no matter how intricate. To do the same thing manually, you are looking at 30+ minutes per nail.

Some features include a full 7-inch HD touchscreen display, access to more than 1,000 different patterns and prints, the ability to print at 1200 dpi, and it does work through Wi-Fi or USB.


If you want beautiful nails that you can be proud to show off, this seems like a great option. We love that it is so easy to use, even if doing very detailed graphics. In the time it would normally take us to paint one nail, we can be done with all 10 of them. The fact that you can apply photos of your pet, your child, etc. also makes it a fun machine to consider. We feel it is something that most women will be happy to have, whether they are at home and simply love beautiful nails or running a nail salon and want to give their clients something more. Our hope is that you like it as much as we do.


  • Fun Prints and Patterns Available
  • Quick to Use
  • Portable Size
  • Easy-to-View Display


  • May Need a UV Lamp for Quick Drying Between Layers

2. TZ 3D Nail Art Printer Machine

TZ® New Upgraded 3D Nail Printer Machine

This amazing machine can print on your fingernails, acrylic nails, or onto nail stickers. You get to decide. The true benefit though is its ability to print on 5-fingernails at one time. No more doing one at a time, which will save you time when you need to get it done quickly.

You can use Wi-Fi with this printer to transfer pictures from your device to the printer. This makes it easy to use for most people and it also increases your creative options.

On the machine, you will find a touch screen that helps you achieve accurate prints quickly. You can print between 500-2000 nail art pieces in just one hour at 1200 dpi. On average, the nail art will then last up to a 1-month using Lexmark 27 inks and normal gel if you run out of the included ink and gel.

This machine measures 17.7 x 12.5 x 10.6 inches. For all that it does, this is a relatively small machine that is ideal for nail salons and other situations.


We do feel that this machine may be best suited for more commercial areas. However, we also feel that it is a fun and easy way for anyone to have the beautiful nails that most of us want. We like the speed of it, the many print options available, and that it can print on all five fingers at one time. Everything we have seen about it proves that it is a good machine for most people. It hooks easily through Wi-Fi to let your creativity shine through on your nails.


  • Prints on 5-Nails at Once
  • High-Quality Prints, Quickly
  • Ideal for Salons
  • Connects Via Wi-Fi
  • Large Touch Screen


  • Larger Size

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a business or just someone who loves beautiful fingernails, the two fingernail printers shown here may be a good option for you to consider. Their job is to provide you with nails that you can love and they each pull it off easily. In other words, you can say “Good-Bye” to nail imperfections and be confined to simplistic artwork.

In our opinion, they will be able to keep up with your needs and whatever you want to print. This is why we chose them as the two best nail art printers. We hope that you find one that will meet your needs in every way.

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