Sizzix Big Shot Machine – Electric Die Cutting

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Why Buy the Sizzix Big Shot?

When you use a die-cutting machine, you are going to be amazed by all that you can do with it. They are designed for creating paper crafts and cards, but they can do so much more. In fact, most can emboss, cut, and style virtually anything. The Sizzix Big Shot Machine is only one example, but this electric die-cutting machine promises to be everything you could want.

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Whether you are new to paper crafts or someone who has enjoyed it for years, the Big Shot by Sizzix promises to be a machine made for you. This machine has a very user-friendly design that works with the push of a button.

It has a six-inch cutting area and can cut even intricate designs in only seconds. This machine promises to cut a wide range of materials including vellum, cardstock, mat boards, and leather, among much more. We feel that it could be a great option for most people, but don’t take our word for it.

Sizzix Big Shot Machine Review

Whereas many die-cutting machines are powered by a handle, the Sizzix Big Shot is electric-powered. This means you no longer have to get worn out when working on a lot of projects throughout the day or when tackling repetitive tasks.

It has a nice, overall design, that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your workbench. In fact, it takes up less space than similar machines because it doesn’t need you to turn the handle off it.

When looking at the cutting size, you can tackle materials that are up to 6-inches wide. For most people, this is an ample cutting area, but it could be a downside for others.

As with its manual version, this one has a solid core with steel rollers. This promises that it will be durable enough for most people. However, if you have issues, this machine is backed by a one-year warranty. You can easily contact Sizzix 24/7 using a convenient contact form and they will get back to you quickly.

You will need to use wafer-thin dies with this machine. Luckily, they seem easy to find, which will open the door to all your creativity.

As previously stated, this machine is very user-friendly. It is great for all skill levels and all age groups. It is going to be something you and your kids can do together, and you will not have to worry that they will get injured. This would also be basically impossible for them to damage the machine.

Specs and Features

  • Size: 14 x 10 x 6-inches
  • Weight: Approximately 10-pounds
  • Feed Type: Push and Hold
  • Cutting Plate Width: 6 x 9-inches
  • Electric Powered
  • Works with a Variety of Materials


  • Simple to Use: With this machine, you will quickly discover that it is easy to use with just the push of a button.
  • Cuts a Variety of Material: This machine easily cuts through cardstock, vinyl, vellum, fabric cutting, and papers, as well as much more.
  • Family-Friendly Design: Kids and adults can all enjoy using this machine.
  • Small Size: This machine has a small footprint, but still packs a powerful punch whether you are cutting material or embossing it.
  • Durable: With steel rollers, this machine promises to be able to handle virtually anything you want it to cut or emboss.
  • Uses Thin Dies: The only real requirement for this machine is the dies, which means you can choose any wafer-thin die available.
  • Comes with Everything You Need: With this machine, you get an extended platform, a thin die adapter, and cutting pads.


  • The six-inch cutting area is small compared to similar machines.
  • Not as portable as some other machines, even the Big Shot manual machine.
  • Limited on its ability to cut or emboss very thick materials.

Cuts a Variety of Material: This machine easily cuts through cardstock, vinyl, vellum, fabric cutting, and papers, as well as much more.

Cuts a Variety of Material: This machine easily cuts through cardstock, vinyl, vellum, fabric cutting, and papers, as well as much more.

Final Thoughts

The Sizzix Big Shot Machine is an electric die-cutting machine that promises to be ideal for anyone who wants to emboss or cut paper crafts and more. With it, you can tackle the most creative projects that you want to tackle. We really like that it is very easy to use. We like that there isn’t a handle for you to deal with. It takes the “manual” effort out of creating, which is good for someone who crafts as more than just a simple hobby.

In general, we feel that it is going to be a great option for most crafters. We can say that there are perhaps better options for the people who need more of a cut area, but for most, this is just a minor problem. When used in the way that it is intended, you likely will not need more space than it has to offer.

Overall, whether creating cards, invitations, or embossing leather, this machine should be one that you are happy to have. It should be something that allows you and your family to take up new hobbies together, and this is always a good thing. We hope that you enjoy the Sizzix Big Shot electric die cutting machine as much as most people seem to.

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