How To Print from Google Books?

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Google Books is an ongoing project which involves scanning books, electronically converting them, and then storing them online. This article will show you how to locate, read as well as save or print books through Google Books.

What exactly is Google Play Books?

Google offers an online service that stores and publishes digital books. The service is now referred to under the brand name Google Play Books (formerly Google eBooks).

Google Play Books has millions of eBooks available. Google even boasts that it had “the most extensive eBook collection of its kind in all of the globe”. There are millions of variations of these eBooks available to download as well as online-based reading.

Let’s suppose you want to download an eBook on Google Play Books and print it. To print it, you’ll first need to verify the state of the eBook to determine whether it’s print-ready or not.

As many have thought that eBooks downloaded from Google Play Books are free however, they are in a limited format. In reality, some free ebooks that are labeled as free are only available for download to a certain extent. Like eBooks that permit certain pages to be printed or downloaded.

How To Print from Google Books?

Below are the most straightforward steps you have demonstrated to find, save, print, or view the books available that are available on Google Play Books. I’m confident that you’ll be able to follow these step-by-step steps.

How can I Download and Print the books you have downloaded using Google Play Books?

Google Play Books to Computer Download Google Play Books to Computer

Log into your internet browser and then go to Google Play Books.

Find the book. This can be done by typing the title of the book into the box for searching. The search results will appear beneath the box for searching.

When the book you searched for appears in the search results, you’ll see an indicator to tell if it’s a cost-free eBook or payable. After you click the book, there’s the “read” option available on the page that describes the book. This allows you to read the book on your computer. But, you won’t be capable of downloading this book, or even any pages through this.

To download this book just go into the Google Play “My Books” library. You will find the book you’ve just recently opened.

Then, click on the book’s three-dotted semicolon. Once you’ve clicked it an option list will pop up. Click on the “Export” choice. After that, a dialog box appears with the following message:

The ACSM file that is exported ACSM file is secure and requires opening with Adobe Digital Editions. This means that you’ll need Adobe Digital Editions software to start because of its DRM protection

In the dialogue box, you have an option: Export ACSM to PDF. If you’d like to download the data in PDF format, choose Export ACSM to PDF. After that, the file download will begin.

Even if you get the PDF files you aren’t able to print them due to the copyright safeguards it provides. This is because of that publication’s DRM copyright encryption that protects it. The DRM encrypted eBooks on Google Play only allow users to read the book online using web browsers, or Adobe Digital Editions.

That is unless you eliminate all encrypted DRM protection. It is possible to convert those DRM-protected Google eBooks into DRM-free documents with the help of DRM removal programs like Epubor Ultimate.

How do you print the PDF format that is DRM-protected Google Play Books?

Download the eBook Reader Adobe Digital Editions. Create the Adobe Digital I.D. It is possible to sign in to any device that has an Adobe reader app using this I.D. 

Navigate to the Windows desktop’s downloaded folder. Click on the downloaded book from the Google Play store. Then you’ll be taken to the Adobe library where the book is been synced automatically.

After you have completed this step, you are now able to use Epubor Ultimate.

How do I utilize Epubor Ultimate?

Download Epubor Ultimate eBook converter.

Installation of Epubor Ultimate.

Open Epubor Ultimate eBook converter.

Epubor Ultimate can connect to various electronic readers. It can connect directly to Kindle to read eBooks, Rakuten eBooks, and NOOK books along with Adobe in Google Play Books. Find your Adobe option.

When you click on the Adobe option, you will notice that Epubor Ultimate automatically transferred the pdf file you’ve downloaded in the Adobe Digital Editions.

Convert your DRM-protected PDF into a PDF that’s DRM-free. Upload to the Google Play Book file to the right pane.

When you’ve transferred the file, the decryption process will be completed promptly.

There are instances where you’ll require a particular key file for a particular eBook. This will be evident when you see a dialog box appear asking for a key file. The key file for this book is handed over via Epubor’s Epubor customer support. Contact them via their email, which is also available within this dialog box.

After you have successfully removed the DRM from the Google Play Book PDF file click the folder icon to open the file in the Windows folder.

After going to the file’s folder C:\ Ultimate, Now right-click your Book PDF file and click print so you can start the printing procedures.

When you print the PDF file, the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (or another PDF software) tab will open. Browse through the contents of your PDF file. You can examine each page if would like to. If you’re looking to print only a part or book you can adjust the print range in the settings.

After making a few changes and checking the settings after making any adjustments, press the printer icon located at the top of the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC tab. You can also use the shortcut CTRL to make things speedier. If your printer showing an offline status then you can visit Why Does Printer Say Offline? to solve this problem.

If you have a Google Play Book you also would like to print, however, it’s the Epub format, do not fret. So long as the book is stored in an e-reader like the Adobe Digital Editions e-reader you can as well use Epubor Ultimate to convert the file to PDF.

In the left pane, there is a conversion option. Within this option, there are lists of the formats you can convert. It includes Epub, Txt Azw3, Mobi, and PDF.

You can convert your Adobe Epub file into PDF or reverse the process. Select the format that is best for you, based on your requirements, and then press Convert.

Just to remind you, the Free trial of Epubor Ultimate lets you print only 20% of the entire page. However, if the bits of information in Epubor Ultimate’s PDF files are important to you and you want to know more, then the $25 cost of the full version is worth it.


Google Play Books offers millions of books you can select from. Although some are completely free and some are even available if you paid for them, don’t forget that some of them may come with encrypted copyright security.

If you are looking to print or how to print from google books, you should have the appropriate tool to use. In the event of DRM hindrance. Make sure you have your favorite software, Epubor Ultimate, software that can convert files to PDF formats, which makes Google Play Books possible for printing.

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