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10 Best Easy Threading Serger Sewing Machines in 2020

Serger sewing machines which are referred by many as a ‘magic’ machine can actually work wonders on your finished clothes. With such a machine, you can easily do more wonders for your finished products. This does not only help enhance your product’s aesthetic look by ensuring the edges are not frayed or unraveled. Furthermore, it also offers premium-quality that could last which is essential to match up every chic and elegant outfit.

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For newbies, when you are just starting out, you will be intrigued by its various functionalities. This machine will truly entice you to create different styles and explore more beyond your horizons. However, choosing the right serger sewing machines also highly contributes to the end results. Thus, knowing its basic features will surely help you find the right one suitable for you.

1. Singer 14T968DC Serger

Singer 14T968DC Serger

As a brand, Singer is Considered as one of the highly regarded sergers with enough versatility as a professional sewing machine. This product line provides a 5-4-3-2 stitch configuration with various stitch styles available. Furthermore, its four built-in rolled hems make it very easy to use and move the stitch finger into the proper position. No need for you to go to the hassle of switching between your sewing machine and serger when working on any project.

Furthermore, it has a self-adjusting tension system which is the most valuable feature in this product. Being able to easily adjust the different feed dogs makes it all different for your quality end results. Its built-in free arm feature is also one of the product’s astonishing key features that help put a professional touch.

Conclusion: For its overall performance, this machine is a very useful tool. It works best especially on sleeve cuffs, trouser hems, edges, and other small and delicate patterns. Its price may be a bit pricey for some Prospective buyers. However, the tool is equipped with advanced features which only suits for its price.

• Easy to use
• Numerous accessories
• Versatile
• Quiet operation

• High-end price
• Threading difficulty
• Plastic components

2. Brother 2340CV

Brother 2340CV

The primary advantage we found for this product is it is designed to cater to different styling patterns and stitches. Anyone who is enthusiastic in sewing clothes surely understands the struggle of sewing fabrics that does not goes well with the serger. However, Brother 2340CV works pretty well with any type of fabrics and thread types. It is designed to handle tri-cover stitches, color-coded threading, wide cover or narrow cover stitches, and other more.

Furthermore, this serger comes with multiple accessories such as blindstitch foot and gather foot as well as other more accessories. This advanced machine is very straightforward and easy to use. It comes with an easy step-by-step guide as well as a backup manual for further assistance.

It also has a presser foot dial which makes the machine very easy to navigate especially when it comes to looper threading. The stitch length can be easily adjusted between 2.0 to 4.0 millimeters. This makes it easier for beginners to handle with their willingness to practice and perseverance.

Conclusion: Overall, this is a pretty recommendable product, especially for beginners. Its user-friendly functions backup with a step-by-step manual guide is very handy. It is very manageable and flexible either for simple or complex stitching types.

• Affordable
• Flexible use
• Quiet
• Easy to use
• Great quality output

• Occasionally skips stitches

3. Singer 14CG754 Profinish Serger

Singer 14CG754 Profinish Serger

This serger comes with various features but what’s most attractive about its blazing fast speed with 1,300 stitches per minute capacity. In addition to it, this machine is very easy to use and operate thus most suitable for aspiring beginners. It is also very light in weight however strong enough to keep all the moving parts in perfect alignment.

You can also take full control of over thread tension. Furthermore, its stitch width and length are very easy to adjust which makes it perfect for any type of fabric. Whether you want a narrow seam for your thinner fabrics or a wider one for heavier fabric, anything is achievable.

This sewer is also lightweight and portable. This feature makes it one of the best about this product. It is easier to move around and keep parts in alignment for a skip-free sewing experience.

Conclusion: All in all, this is a likable product with its adjustable differential feed, full control on thread tension and stitching speed. This is also suitable for beginners and manageable because of its lightweight size. All those features also come at a reasonable price.

• Adjustable differential feed
• Full control over thread tension
• Portable
• Blazing speed
• Perfect for beginners

• It can be delicate if not treated well
• No free arm

4. Brother 1034D Serger

Brother 1034D Serger

Another great serger sewing machines for beginners which comes with various key features. Its easy threading system is not a bluff at all, it actually requires little effort to set it up. It also has a differential feed which enables you to easily adjust it, especially when working with knits or stretchable fabrics. This machine also has a built-in retractable knife blade which helps trim the edge just right to perfect professional finishing touch.

Unlike some of the quilting machine, this machine offers various stitch options including four thread overlock, three thread overlock, narrow hem, rolled hem, and other more. In addition to that, you will also love the free accessories that come with it. One of which we highly recommend you should have is a hardcover. It is a worthwhile investment you can have for your machine be protected at all times and for easier transport.

Conclusion: In its totality, this machine is more than satisfying. It is very versatile that it is perfect for everyday sewing projects as well as for more advanced quilting tasks. The design is very simple as well as its usability. However, you will be truly impressed by its advanced functions and quality that even veteran users are satisfied.

• Easy to thread
• Easy to navigate
• Quality stitches
• Fair price
• Versatile to any type of fabric
• Best for beginners

• It requires oiling
• Controls on the left side

5. JUKI MO654DE Portable Serger

JUKI MO654DE Portable Serger

As JUKI is known for providing high-quality and easy to use product lines, this powerful serger sewing machine is no exemption. This model comes with various key features such as 2-3-4 thread capability with different adjustable for customized results. It also comes with a multi-purpose foot that works well with various products and fabric types. Another notable thing is its knife system which uses a moveable upper knife for safety purposes and easy adjustments.

Its differential feed is also very effective in handling thin as well as the stretchy type of materials. It also changes the tightness of the materials as it is stretched. Another favorite feature is its adjustment dials for stitch length that offers a well-manageable and easy stitch.

Conclusion: For its totality, this model is very powerful that despite its small size it is capable of providing advanced functions. It allows you to manageably handle tasks from the simplest one to the most complex it could offer. It is an all-in-one package and perfect purchase for its reasonable price.

• Portable
• Safe knife system
• Easy to use
• Works well with different fabrics

• Some issues with its threading

6. Singer 14SH764CL Stylist Serger

Singer 14SH764CL Stylist Serger Sewing Machines

This is Considered by many as one of the best machines released by Singer. Its stitch functionality allows you to achieve up to six stitch types at its finest finish. This machine as well comes with a differential fabric feed which smooth out any stretching fabric. Another effective feature is its changeable stitch length and width which helps you to keep the seam strong.

In addition to it, this machine is made out of the heavy-duty metal body which makes it reliable and easy to sew. Its stainless steel bed is best for smoothing fabric feed. You may as well get differential fabric feed with this model which makes it very suitable for your various sewing projects. This machine can sew up to 1,300 stitches in a minute.

The machine also includes a detachable accessory box which allows you to easily remove and expose the serger’s free arm. Its serger’s free arm allows you to conveniently stitch the raw edges on cuffs, small projects, and other hard-to-reach edges.

Conclusion: Overall, this makes a good companion to any of your home sewing projects and a great deal for making elegant and fine finishing.

• Lightweight and portable
• Comes with numerous accessories
• Differential fabric feed
• Affordable price
• Efficient

• Short warranty
• Some issues on threading and setting tensions

7. Janome 8002D Serger

Janome 8002D Serger Sewing Machines

This is one of those serger sewing machines which was built with high regard to its durability and Consideration to space. Its small size makes it a very attractive feature for many especially for those individuals looking for products that maximize space. In spite of its small size, it does not compromise the features and benefits it provides to its users.

It has a thread capacity of three to four threads and an ability to sew, cut, and finish seams in one action. It offers wide options of stitch styles to help you produce a high-quality and fine-looking output. It also offers a rolled hem device which allows you to easily and conveniently convert stitches.

Furthermore, its color-coded threading chart is hassle-free and allows you to make conversions from regular function to rolled hem. No need for you to go through the trouble of removing the needle plate.

Conclusion: For the totality, this machine provides a wide range of serging options which makes it versatile as well as durable. It also costs significantly cheaper than any of its competition.

• Small in size
• Numerous accessories
• Flexible to use
• User-friendly threading process
• Solid Construction
• Best for beginners

• Some tension issues

8. Janome MOD-8933 Serger

Janome MOD-8933 Serger Sewing Machines

This is an extremely lightweight serger which provides a wide range of great features and functions. In addition to its user-friendly threading process, this machine also includes color-coded threading guides and an adjustable foot pressure function. This model as well offers a picot edge stitch and a 3 and 4-thread overlock stitches which length can be adjusted.

It also has an easy retractable upper thread cutter which allows you to perfectly finish tasks which do not require cutting. With the design of its blade, it also ensures full safety of the user. The cutting width can also be easily adjusted from 3 to 7 millimeters.

Furthermore, this machine is very lightweight, it is easy to use and has multiple features for a very affordable price. It easily handles all types of fabrics regardless of its thickness or thinness because of its adjustable differential feed. With this machine, you can ensure to always have smooth, even stitches, rolled hems, and fine output.

Conclusion: Overall, this machine comes with a wide number of useful features and it is very easy to use. It also comes with a comprehensive manual for easier guide and the machine is portable and has an affordable price.

• User-friendly
• Multiple features
• Affordable price
• Comprehensive manual and instructions

• It may not work for some users
• Build quality needs improvement

9. Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger

Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger Sewing Machines

Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger is significantly different among other serger sewing machines. Its key features allow you to create a broad range of possibilities with its wide variety of options. It also has a very convenient stitch width control for minimal errors, especially among newbies. Another noteworthy feature is its physical appearance. It looks simple but elegantly aesthetic compared with other previous models.

This tool allows you to create creative sewing ruffles by adding more elastic or creating the overcast rolled hem. This only means that this machine allows you to create more complex designs and go beyond the conventional styles. It also comes with a free arm which functions as an extension for tubular items such as sleeves and pant legs.

This model also uses regular needles which saves you from the hassles of going to specialty shops which offer specific needles. This is one of the most likable features of this product. Like any other regular sewing machines, you can simply use ballpoint needles or universal needles for any project you want to do.

Conclusion: Overall, this is a recommendable product. It comes with a variety of stitch options and easy sewing guide. It also provides you a high-end finishing and allows you to achieve an aesthetic output. The machine also comes with various accessories which makes it a total package product.

• Variety of stitch options
• Easy sewing
• High-end finishes
• Aesthetic design
• Comes with various accessories

• Some customers find presser foot issues

10. JUKI MO644D Portable Serger

JUKI MO644D Portable Serger Sewing Machines

This product is Considered as one of the most reliable serger sewing machines for novice users. It offers a wide variation of stitch options as well as helpful accessories for achieving the desired end results. It is also faster than many serger machines of its type with a capacity of 1500 stitches per minute. It is obviously 200 times higher than most of the sergers available in the market today.

Its multi-functional foot presser is also very flexible that it can handle elastic, sequins, tape, and other materials for your project. This model also comes with a sturdy knife which allows you to cut any type of material Consistently.

Conclusion: In totality, this model offers a wide variety of key functions suitable for simple as well as complex projects you could possibly handle. Its features along with its blazing fast stitching speed are the most ideal for novice and aspiring users.

• Fast stitching capacity
• Adjustable
• Flexible
• Numerous accessories
• Lightweight and portable

• No free arm
• Inconvenient placement of length adjustment control

The Bottom Line

Finding the best threading serger sewing machine that works for you can be a daunting task. However, in spite of this, it can also be a fun experience learning more of different types of serger sewing machines. With the top ten best easy threading serger sewing machines we had presented, each of those models has unique qualities. Their differing features and capacities make them exceptional and suitable for the various intended purpose.

For our best pick, JUKI MO644D Portable Serger takes the winner’s seat. It is one of the fastest portable sergers. It is also portable and easy to move around. It comes with various key features and reasonable price. Although it has its fair share of setbacks, the benefits that this product provides is more beneficial.

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