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10 Best Heat Transfer Vinyl For Fabulous Design in 2020

Creating a unique design that leave an equally unique impression to customers is the dream of everyone in the t-shirt designing industry. We have picked out 10 best heat transfers vinyl that you can use both in your t-shirt designing business or for your personal use.

#1. imPRESSED Vinyl Heat Transfer Vinyl

imPRESSED Vinyl Heat Transfer Vinyl

This Heat Transfer Vinyl works best for your customized crafts such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats and other apparels. This seamlessly integrates with Silhouette Cameo and Circuit Expression machines. It is also made with high-quality polyurethane that allows for elaborate designs with clean edges and you will not have to worry about fading, cracks or peeling as this is cold peel.

This also uses an eco-friendly heat transfer and safe to wear materials. Colors range from black, white, silver, grey, orange, yellow, purple and a whole lot more. You will also get a Bonus Teflon sheet to protect your design.

Conclusion: This is a perfect choice if you want to prevent getting cracks, fades and peeling in your design. As it has an assured cold peel technology that allows your design to stay on the fabric.

• Easy to weed and machine washable
• Eco-friendly Heat Transfer
• Different colors to choose from
• Can be used in most apparels

• Might need to use highest heat setting for it to transfer

#2. JANDJPACKAGING Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle – 22 Assorted Colors

JANDJPACKAGING Heat Transfer Vinyl

This is a great value for money as this bundle comes with the most popular colors and 2 Teflon sheets. When you apply this properly, it’s durable and might even outlast the t-shirt’s fabric. Their iron on transfer is thicker than what’s on the market. You can use these not just on basic apparels such as t-shirt, jackets, and hoodies but also on shoes, bags, cushion covers and a lot more.

This high transfer vinyl is perfect for decorating children’s clothing and accessories. This can also be a great gift choice regardless of the occasion. You can even use this on a variety of fabrics using a heat press or a household iron to make sure you have a unique style of design.

Conclusion: Highly recommended if you want your kids to have apparel of a unique design, this way your kids are rocking a unique design while being kept safe from harmful chemicals.

• Soft and Superior Elasticity
• Easy to weed
• Can be used to a whole range of apparels
• Eco-friendly heat transfers

• Might experience peeling

#3. PerfecPress Heat Transfer Vinyl 23 Piece Bundle

PerfecPress Heat Transfer Vinyl

This bundle comes with sheets that 12×10 inches, 20 standard sheets, 1 soft stretch foil, color chart, and an Instruction Guide. Their PerfecPress Soft technology allows this HTV to be used in any type of garment including cotton, polyester or fabrics with different blends.

This doesn’t need any cutting mat as it is so easy to weed. This makes the perfect gift for your crafty and DIY family and friends. Their easy and ready to use materials makes the perfect item to use in any garment designs and projects.

Conclusion: Perfect choice for those using different types of fabric for their t-shirt design business.

• Has PerfecPress Soft
• Can be used in any type of garment
• Comes with a color chart with 47 colors
• Easy to weed

• You might experience peeling after the first wear

#4. JANDJPACKAGING Heat Transfer Vinyl 25-Pack Assorted Colors

JANDJPACKAGING Heat Transfer Vinyl 25-Pack Assorted Colors

This pack comes in assorted colors that include 16 vibrant colors suitable for craft projects, parties, decorative colored decals, Christmas, sports and race cars. The 12”x10” iron-on vinyl design is suitable for most basic fabrics including athletic mesh fabrics. This can also be used on cotton, polyester and cotton blend fabrics.

It comes with an iron-on the vinyl bundle that is thick with excellent dimensional stability with a very good cutting application characteristic. This is also eco-friendly and durable that’s great even for kid’s clothing since this makes a stylish design that is safe and chemical free.

Conclusion: We will recommend if you’re planning to use this for different events and for different types of fabrics.

• Machine Washable
• Eco-friendly and durable
• Easy to weed and cut
• Can be used on different fabrics

• It might feel like hard plastic when applied

#5. Firefly Craft Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

Firefly Craft Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle

This HTV works with any plotting cutters whether you’re using professional grade machine or your regular home hobby crafting tool, you will not have an issue using this. Every roll of a sheet of iron on paper is ready to cut and will easily adhere to your fabric. You can anticipate that the products that you have are good for selling and can be used for any events.

It has also the best stretch so it will move like its part of the garment. You can even layer this one as this is thin and smooth. The larger size is also meant that you can choose any design for different apparels. This has also a variety of vibrant colors and types to choose from.

Conclusion: This makes the perfect choice even for those whose hobby includes t-shirt printing. The larger size compared to what’s available in the market allows the use of any design.

• Works with different cutters
• Easy to weed
• Larger size compared to others
• Wide variety of vibrant colors

• Might stick to cotton fabrics

#6. unuaST Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle Variety Pack 23 Sheets

unuaST Bundle

This Heat transfer vinyl is so easy to use that you can do your arts and crafts with your kids. You can use this to a variety of clothing including hats, sweatshirts, polo. The package comes with directions and a bonus of 1 weeding tweezers to help weed. It can also be used in all kinds of fabrics without having worries for fade, peel, and crack.

They have also included a unique protective film that prevents scratches and impurities so when you get your order, it arrives in a perfect condition before use. These ready to cut sheets come in 15 main colors and 2 neon colors. You can be assured that the design will have the same color even after 50 washing cycles.

Conclusion: We recommend that you get this product when you’re teaching your kids about arts. They will surely enjoy having to see their designs gets printed on different apparels.

• Washing machine safe
• Ready to cut sheets
• Comes with a unique protective film
• Easy to weed and iron out quickly

• Does not do well with intricate details

#7. unuaST Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirt 12-Sheets

unuaST for T-Shirt 12-Sheets

This HTV can be used to design not just your t-shirt but also your bags, sweatshirts, aprons, hoodies and much more. This is best used with Circuit, Silhouette Cameo and all other cutters. The HTV vinyl sheets are eco-friendly and are proven safe for you and your loved ones. It comes with an extra black and white HTV for your DIY projects.

These are easy to cut, precise and easy to transfer that makes this HTV easy to weed and ready to go. You can wash your apparels countless times and your design will still be of the same color.

Conclusion: This can be your next buddy when you’re doing your DIY projects or your next big investment in your t-shirt design business.

• Can be used widely and safe to use
• Easy to cut and transfer
• Washing machine safe
• Eco-friendly

• No protective film included

#8. Primology Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle


These 12”x10” vinyl are known to be of high-quality as they are manufactured in Korea. It also comes with a high-quality plastic envelope packaging to protect and allows you to store it properly. It’s also more versatile when it comes to compatibility to any die-cutting machines. You can use heat pressing machines and iron, you’ll also have the option to peel hot and cold to ensure the ease of use.

It comes with assorted colors, basics and neon ones. An added Teflon sheet is given to protect your designs. Their flat vinyl sheets feature a semi-matte finish that is ideal for arts and crafts, personalizing stuff and can be applied for cotton and polyester fabric.

Conclusion: Highly recommended if you’re looking for high-quality vinyl that you’ll use for your DIY projects or business ventures.

• Semi-matte finish
• Versatile when it comes to die-cutting machines
• Easy to weed
• Comes with a variety of colors and includes a Teflon sheet

• Some packages might not receive a weeding tool

#9. Fame Crafts Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle 20-Pack

Fame Crafts Bundle 20-Pack

This heat transfer vinyl from Fame Crafts is great for use when it comes to personalizing apparels such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats and more. You will surely have fun at the endless choices you can choose from. This is made with durable polyurethane that makes it easy to weed and durable and makes your design strong enough to survive multiples times of washing. This is also thin, lightweight and sensitive to heat and pressure, this allows you to quickly forge even the most minute design details.

The HTV bundle contains a total of 20 transfer vinyl sheets in the most popular 20 colors. They are not rolls and they measure 12”x10”.

Conclusion: If your goal is to have a good quality of personalized apparels, we can highly recommend you try Fame Crafts HTV. The thin and lightweight sheets ensure that every detail in your design get transferred.

• Great for customizing stuff
• Thin, Lightweight
• Sensitive to heat or pressure
• Easy to weed

• Might not work with different settings in Circuit Machines

#10. YRYM HT Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle – 28 Pack

YRYM HT Vinyl Bundle – 28 Pack

This is an easy and ready-to-cut HTV designed for customized garment decoration. They are pressure and temperature sensor that makes them easier to take off once the design has been transferred. It can be used in different garments with different fabrics such as cotton, polyester and cotton blend.

Beginners will surely enjoy using this because it’s very thin and it’s easier for any machine to cut them. It comes with 16 main colors and 4 neon ones. You can use this for any events or as gifts for special occasions.

Conclusion: Great to use if you’re looking into customizing your garments using different types of fabrics. We also have a list of the best paper transfers and paper cutters that you might like to check.

• Durable and Premium quality
• Machine Washable
• Multicolor
• Easy to use

• You might need to press on the HTV longer to ensure the design will transfer.

Final Conclusion

These heat transfer vinyl will work great on any of your designing needs. You just need to make sure of the HTV will work well with the machine, cutter, garment, and type of fabric that you have.

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